Review, Swatches | MAC 2021 Hypnotizing Holiday Collection – Fortune Teller/ Blizzard Wizard Hyper Real Glow Duo, Right Before Your Eyes Shadeshifter Eyeshadow

I don’t get it. When the promotion pictures for this collection came out, “boring”, “not Christmas like”, “looks outdated” were some of the most common comments. Maybe I’ve gone mad, but I think this collection is f*cking adorable.

This time, the theme is magic, and I get that the vibe is more “dark carnival” than the “saviour was born”, but since when is that a bad thing?! Plus, have you seen the CANDYCANE HIGHLIGHTER? Am I the only one excited about it? Let’s start with that one, maybe I can convert some MAC skeptics out there.

Fortune Teller/Blizzard Wizard Hyper Real Glow Duo

How cute is that pan? Look at it. Look. At. It! I had to get it. Never mind that this shade of highlighter wasn’t meant for my skintone – I’ve never seen a pan design like this before and it’s kitsch and it’s fun and it’s childish like everything Christmas should be. Yes.

This was the first time I tried MAC’s Hyper Real formula. I know they have some highlighter palettes that actually get good reviews in this type of powder, so I expected it to be good. And it is. Granted, not as amazing as their Extra Dimension Skinfinishes – this is less firmly pressed, and potentially more crumbly – but the powder is smooth, blends easily and gives off this intense glow to the skin. I was super impressed with the wear time: 12+ hours with no fading, without setting spray! An amazing performance.

This contains 8 grams. There are two shade names in this compact but there is no way you can use the shades individually on your face – at least not with any normal face brush. The pearly white and metallic red colour blended together turn into a soft berry, almost rose gold shade that works great as a blush for me. A very shiny blush, but a blush nonetheless. Not that it mattered much, but I’m glad I can wear this powder.

Right Before Your Eyes Shadeshifter Duochrome Eyeshadow

The Shadeshifter finish looks like it’s a new, limited edition formula, and I was honestly so impressed with this eyeshadow that I might not be quite done with getting stuff from this collection. Right Before Your Eyes is a hard shade to describe. There’s mauve, there’s green, there’s taupe, there’s silver. It’s not exactly a multichrome, but more of a strong duochrome that shifts from an icy mint to a mid tone mauve, with multicoloured shimmer. The texture is glittery and crumbly, but not chunky – you won’t feel the individual glitter particles, as they’re small enough that I think it’s comfortable even for fussy eyes.

Look at that shift.

Best way to get maximum impact with these is to use either your finger or a wet brush. I used a regular eye primer underneath this shadow and it lasted until I decided to take it off (12+ hours) with no fading or migration – the shimmer stayed completely put! This is so gorgeous, so unique, that now I want more. That Prrrplexing shade is looking good…

I’m so easy.

So this is what I got from MAC’s Holiday colour collection (is it though?) but there is also a gifting collection that I indulged in as well.

To gift.

To me.

Review coming tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Review, Swatches | MAC 2021 Hypnotizing Holiday Collection – Fortune Teller/ Blizzard Wizard Hyper Real Glow Duo, Right Before Your Eyes Shadeshifter Eyeshadow

  1. I really love the shade of this duochrome eyeshadow, so pigmented and really unique! I own the Hyper Real Glow highlighter palette and I really like the dimension and glow it gives to my cheekbones and I agree with you it’s very long lasting. Thank you for this review!

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