Day 12 of 12 Days of Xmas 2021: My Favourite Products From 2021

Here we are, Christmas Eve, and the 12 Days of Christmas finale!! I have to confess, this was a daunting task. A post everyday for 12 days in a row talking about so many favourites was really tiring. I wrote the words “smooth”, “pigmented” and “long lasting” so many times that they’ve lost all meaning. But I’ve pushed through and this project is now fully birthed. Just in time for the most famous birthday of them all.

This post will contain the best makeup products that I’ve tried and have come out in 2021 (limited edition or not).

On the Twelfth day of Christmas, myself gave to me,

Twelve top makeup products

Eleven lip delights

Ten terrific shadows

Nine perfect powders

Eight pretty palettes

Seven stellar blushes

Six superb bronzers

Five fab foundations

Four fine highlighters

Three proper primers

Two great concealers

And a Rephr brush set under the tree.

This was a big year for luxury brand launches, specially blushes, since a lot of them either expanded or updated their permanent line (I’m thinking about Hermès, Pat McGrath, Sisley and Christian Louboutin – all with new blushes!). I haven’t indulged in all of them, but from the ones I’ve tried so far, my favourite was definitely Louboutin’s Blush & Highlighter palette in So Chick (full review here) – which should surprise no one, since they’re that powder gelée formula that I keep raving about.

Louboutin Blush And Highlighter palette in So Chick, Hermès Permabrass Highlighter

Another product that also has that formula that has earned its spot in this favourites list is the Hermès Poudre D’Orfèvre 01 Permabrass highlighter, that costs an arm, a leg, and 15 internal organs, but it’s beautiful to look at and looks amazing on the skin. It is a good product, but it won’t cook you breakfast or fold your laundry, so it’s also a completely frivolous and wasteful purchase, but I love it anyway. Like a freeloading boyfriend who’s also really pretty. Review incoming.

I think MAC was very successful with their Holiday Collection this year. And so was Pat McGrath, but she is every year. The Mothership Mega Celestial Odyssey palette does not disappoint, and I’ll be making a review on it shortly, but I can tell you now I recommend it 10 times over. For MAC’s Hypnotizing Holiday collection, my favourite product was the Shadeshifter Duochrome eyeshadows, so much so that I started with the shade Right Before Your Eyes (reviewed here) and I’ve since ordered three more. I’ll try to post a review on those soon as well.

Pat McGrath Celestial Odyssey palette and MAC Shadeshifter Duochrome eyeshadow in the shade Right Before Your Eyes

I think MAC had a few successful launches this year. The Black Cherry, the Botanic Panic and the Tempting Fate collections were all stunning, packaging and product wise, but for me the best item to come out of those was the Feast Your Eyes palette from Tempting Fate. I didn’t have time to make a proper review on it, and it’s no longer available, but the formulas were new and exclusive to this palette and although different from what I was used to from MAC, they performed beautifully.

MAC Feast Your Eyes palette from the Tempting Fate collection

Lastly from MAC, another collection that I really loved was the Cruella de Vil collaboration, first of all because that’s my favourite Disney villain, and second because I genuinely like the design of the packaging – but it’s clearly not for everyone, according to some heated opinions on social media. I reviewed a few of the items here, but my favourite was definitely the lipstick in De Vil in the Details.

MAC De Vil in the Details lipstick

This year there was also the launch of quite a few new brands, and the one I ended up getting was Hindash’s beauty line, and his first palette, Beautopsy. I like the concept, I love the name. I’m still testing it out, I’ll be posting a full review in the near future, but so far I’ve been really enjoying it. The formula is a bit uncommon, a soft yet hardly pressed powder than feels like silk rather than velvet, and the palette itself could work for the face just as well as the eyes.

Hindash Beautopsy palette

Another thing to note this year were the limited editions versions of Guerlain Météorites. I got the Pink Pearl in the spring to use as a blush, and the Gold Pearls this holiday season because the shade is perfect for my very yellow complexion. I don’t think I’ve ever purchased two Météorites in a single year. I have a full review on the Pink Pearl here and the Gold Pearls here.

Guerlain Météorites in Gold Pearls and Pink Pearl

As I mentioned before, 2021 was the year of the bronzer for me. I’ve tested a lot of formulas and brands, and among the few that impressed me the most were the Dior Forever Natural Bronze in 02 Light Bronze and the Kiko Precious Rituals Long Lasting Vegan Bronzer in 01 Honey.

I’ve mentioned both of these on my favourite bronzers post, and I have a full review on the Kiko Precious Rituals bronzer here.

Kiko Precious Rituals in 01 Honey and Dior Forever Natural Bronze in 02 Light Bronze

And finally, and to end this series of posts on the best note possible, my last favourite for 2021 is something that actually just arrived today, the 24th of December, but that will still be a favourite regardless of the performance of the products: the MAC Viva Glam Keith Haring collection. I’ve always felt a bit guilty that I’m such a MAC fan and never bought any of the Viva Glam lipsticks – which in case you don’t know,100% of the selling price (not profit! selling price) of the lipsticks is donated to AIDS and LGBT+ related charities.

But, when it rains it pours, and this time I ordered all three lipsticks from this Viva Glam launch. They are truly a collector’s piece, and Keith Haring is such an icon in all worlds relevant for this collection: artistry, LGBT rights and AIDS awareness. And I, being a pop-art obsessed drag queen that’s trapped in a woman’s body, did not skip a beat when the collection was made available. I’m so proud to own all three lipsticks. I’ll review them too.

MAC Keith Haring Viva Glam Lipsticks

Well done MAC, a fabulous way to end the year.

I hope you’ve enjoyed it, I hope I’ve given you some ideas of products to try if you’re looking for something new, and that I’ve reminded you of a few great things that you might already own. Have a very happy holiday.

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