Review, Swatches | Christian Louboutin Blush & Highlighter Trio Palette in So Chick

Louboutin recently expanded their makeup line by adding eye and face palettes. So since my low-buy turned to sh*t already, I thought, why not? I have a lipstick and two liquid shadows from Louboutin and love all of it, so it felt like it was appropriate for me to try a cheek product of theirs. And “So Chick” it was.

The cheek palettes are made of two blushes and one highlighter. So Chick has a medium toned pink on the left, a pearly neutral white highlighter in the middle, and a warm orange blush on the right.

The texture of these powders is very similar to a powder gelée, but perhaps a bit more hard pressed and a little less creamy. The effect on the skin ends up being the same, a seamless blend of blush where you can’t discern the product on top of the cheeks and it just looks like the skin is naturally that colour- well, as natural as bright orange or dark pink can be. I had no issue with longevity (granted, I don’t usually do, but it’s always nice when a product doesn’t fade or disappear until I decide to remove it).

Like with any powder that has this type of texture, a dense brush is usually the best tool to apply it with because it’s able to pick up a reasonable amount of product, but these blushes are so pigmented that you’ll be fine with a flimsier cheek brush. Fortunately they blend out really well and with no effort, because the first time I used them I had a heavy hand and almost gave myself that naturally rosy “drunk” look. The pigmentation took me by surprise, usually luxury brands tend to stay on the subtle side of things, but discrete is not a route Louboutin decided to take.

While the blushes are easy to overdo, I can keep piling on the highlighter and it will stay looking good. The highlighter is the real winner of the palette for me: it’s not super reflective or metallic, but it has that wet-like glow, looks amazing on the skin, and does not emphasize texture AT ALL. How’s that even possible?

At 58£ for 9,8 grams of product, it’s not affordable, but considering the lipsticks are 73£, it’s actually reasonably priced (for the brand, not in life in general). Granted, this is considered a refill, and if you were to buy the case it would be an extra 58£ (showing you very clearly that 50% of the makeup cost is in the packaging) and that would bring the total value of a palette to 116£, which makes more sense for Louboutin – but you know, when a designer brand gives me a chance to be frugal, I take it, so I’m not buying the case.

I don’t regret getting it at all. You can trust the quality if you decide to get it.

I’m happy putting the refill on an empty, much less expensive palette. Or even leave it in the plastic insert in comes with. Those things considered, it’s probably the most sensible purchase I’ve made from Louboutin.

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