Fragrance Review | Michael Kors White Luminous Gold

Forget the watches (it’s time), the bags and the clothes: Michael Kors knows how to do fragrances really well.

You know, for a brand that’s so associated with basic b*tches (nothing against it, I’m a basic b*tch every so often), basically the Coach of the 2010s when it comes to bags, Michael Kors fragrances from their Gold line are not basic at all. I don’t know what first draw me in to this brand’s perfumes… probably the shiny packaging, in which case I must thank the gods for my magpie personality because turns out, I’m a fan of their line, and would otherwise never look at it.

If you’ve read any of my previous fragrance reviews, you know I like powdery and warm scents (fresh, fruity and floral is not my first choice). But White Luminous Gold is an interesting detour from what I usually like – and yet, not so much. It’s hard to explain: there is muskiness and amber in it, which calls to my love of woody, deep and kind of unisex scents; but it’s fresh and salty and kind of floral, of all things, at the same time.

I couldn’t find a reliable source for the notes in this fragrance, and it’s not on Michael Kors’ website currently – honestly, I’m afraid it might be getting discontinued, even though I can still find it for sale at my usual retailers. But there seems to be a consensus about this perfume having pear and jasmine notes, which is probably what’s giving it the fresh and floral vibe that I feel. That freshness settles into a creamier, slightly powdery version of itself about half an hour after first application. This is one of those that could remind you of a vintage scent, without being anything like it at all.

This perfume has been the hardest for me to describe so far. I can’t seem to put it in any “scent box” – it’s fresh and young, but also warm and serious; it’s salty but powdery; it’s feminine, but wouldn’t shock me if it was unisex; I can’t make up my mind about it. I only know that I love it (not that useful for you, I know. I’m sorry).

Sillage is strong when you first apply but it settles down after about half an hour to a more moderate reach. After almost ten hours, I’m left with a very faint version of the scent on my wrists – so longevity isn’t the best, but not terrible either.

This perfume is so hard to define that I would say you can make it work in any occasion, but if I have to narrow it down, I would say is a day scent, kind of young (but young adult, not teenager), for all year round. Other than that… well you just have to smell it.

2 thoughts on “Fragrance Review | Michael Kors White Luminous Gold

  1. I definitely have to sample this one again. I did few years back when the Gold Fragrance collection launched and I remember I quite loved the three of them. But I can’t possibly recall the scent at all right now.

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    1. Oh and it’s so hard to describe too, this is really one that has to be sniffed. I can see that, I also enjoyed almost every one from the Gold collection, I think the actual Gold one was my second favourite.


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