Fragrance Review | Avon Pur Blanca Essence EDT

There are a lot of hits and misses with Avon products in general, but damn, they can nail down a scent. I’ve mentioned before that Avon used to make my favourite scent of all time, Sweet Honesty, and finding a dupe for that has been quite an (unsuccessful) enterprise. In the meanwhile, I’ve found something different, but very good, and very unique in the realm of modern scents.

Avon’s Pur Blanca Essence Eau de Toilette is described by the brand as a floral, woody and musk-y perfume. The notes in this fragrance are:

  • Top: golden gardenia.
  • Middle: tiare flower.
  • Bottom: cashmere wood.

Yes, it’s musky and woody (when has a scent that I love not been?) but it’s also something different, something that makes it very youthful and light: it’s sugary. Airy, powdery sugar. And yet, not a gourmand fragrance at all.

This is a very well balanced perfume, because there are pretty intense, heavy notes in it, and yet, the scent is not deep or wintery, but fresh and light. I can also see why some call it “clean smelling”, like a fresh batch of laundry. I guess the freshness comes from the floral notes, that I know are there but are not prominent enough for me to categorize it as a floral scent by any means.

I saw someone somewhere use a word to describe this scent that made a lot of sense to me: lactonic. Not because it smells like milk (at all, I dislike the scent of milk) but because it’s soft and creamy and young without being aggressive – it reminds me of a baby’s scent. It’s not vibrant or energetic at all – on the contrary, it’s calming and soothing. Comforting, even. And very feminine.

As it’s typical with Avon’s scents (at least the ones I’ve tried), sillage and longevity are weak. You can douse yourself in this eau de toilette without getting a headache or taking the risk of offending anyone. Good for people who are sensitive to smells, but take note that is is likely to go unnoticed by others. I guess you could call it a very intimate fragrance. By the 8 hour mark there is still a very faint scent on my wrists, but I really have to get my nose in there to detect it. In spite of this downside, at 12,99€ euro for 50 ml, it’s not a bad bet – particularly if you are into powdery, musky or white floral perfumes.

I, for one, am in love with it.

2 thoughts on “Fragrance Review | Avon Pur Blanca Essence EDT

  1. I think it’s the first time I’ve seen my name written on a fragrance! You described the fragrance scent with much detail, I can get a very aproximate idea of it, however, I’ll try to sample it whenever I get a chance (Avon is not easy to find where I live).

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