Top 5 | Best Light Pink Blushes (2022)

I had this post thought out and lined up to go for about 3 months. My idea was to post it before winter ended. Then this blog got neglected for a little while (pregnancy, covid, yadda yadda) and I’m rushing to post this while it’s still technically spring. So enjoy this list of pastel pink blushes to sport on your cheeks for the next two weeks before we get inundated by all the bronze and coral summer blush shades.

In my suggestions you won’t find any recently released formulas because A) I haven’t seen any new powder blush formulas that have been particularly unique or different enough from what’s already out there to warrant a spot here, and B) I kept it to tried and true blushes, avoiding any that might be a fad that’s forgotten within 6 months.

So lets get on with it:

Sisley L’Orchidée Rose Blush

The bougiest (not technically a word, I know) of blushes. This gorgeous and criminally expensive thing isn’t a necessity by any means; it’s a treat, a whim if you will, a colour you can find for a lot cheaper in another brand’s range, I’m sure, BUT… you can’t deny it’s something special. If you want to go ham when treating yourself, the Sisley makeup counter is a great place to start.

The orchid pan print is beautiful and does not wear off easily – or at all, actually. It technically has three colours but you would struggle to use them individually – I use them all mixed together and the tone is a light beige-pink that looks very natural on the skin. The powder is soft and easy to diffuse, and has a very subtle sheen. It’s not very pigmented, which can be a good or bad thing depending on your preference and skintone. Darker skintones beware, I would really advise you try it before you buy it. On my very pale complexion it works well: it’s subtle but it’s there, a whisper of pink that lasts all day, and I’m convinced it has a slight blurring effect on the skin.

If it makes you feel better, it’s 15 grams of product. So more than double a typical blush. You will never need to repurchase it. Because you will die before you can use it all up. Isn’t that a comforting thought?

Kylie Jenner Pressed Blush Powder in Winter Kissed

The first and only blush from Kylie Jenner I’ve ever tried, and if the rest of her line can be judged by this item, then it’s a good one. For such a pale colour, the blush feels incredibly dense and creamy to the touch. I’m used to lighter, blue toned pinks being more dry and powdery, and overall less pleasant to use.

This blush is very pigmented (again, something that goes against a typical light pink blush) yet easy to blend, so applying it is effortless: no need to keep building it up, and still no risk of looking like a clown. No problems with longevity either. And although I do have quite a few blue toned pinks in my stash I don’t think I have one that’s quite this light. A great blush that took me by surprise.

Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Katie

I’ve talked about this one before. Long story short: this is the lightest pink you will ever get that does not darken when in contact with your skin.

Most really light blushes will, because either your foundation or the natural oils on your skin will mix with the pigment and darken it – but with Illamasqua’s Katie, it’s like there is a white, opaque base that keeps the pink true to the colour you see on the pan. And yet, it’s not ashy or chalky looking. What a feat, hum?

Beyond that, it’s matte, super pigmented, blendable, and very long lasting. Totally recommendable.

MAC Powder Blush in Well Dressed

Well Dressed is the one with a dent in the pan. The other pink blush above it is MAC’s Pink Swoon – it’s more of a medium than a light pink.

The longest one in existence of this entire list. But it’s still a nice one, and it has earned its spot. It’s a sheer, buildable blush with a light sheen. It’s also impossible to overdo. This one I know for a fact won’t easily show up on darker skintones – I myself have trouble making it show up on mine when I’m tan.

It’s a fairly neutral pink blush (not too warm, not too cool) that has some transparency to it. It’s easy to blend but you need quite a few dips back into the pan to build up the colour if you want it to be a bit more noticeable. It lasts a decent amount of time too, because even though it’s subtle, it’s still visible on the cheeks after about 10 hours.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Sublime Flush

This was the blush I used on my wedding day, so that should tell you something. This is a baked blush, and as such, it has that luminous, lit from within glow that’s quite unique to this type of formula. The colour itself is a warm pink with cool pink veining – it’s the warmest blush in this list, but that cool pink hint balances out the peachier tones.

No powdery-ness, easy to blend, and surprisingly long lasting for a baked blush. I don’t think you can go wrong with any Hourglass Ambient Lighting blush, but Sublime Flush is probably my favourite shade.

Comparison Swatches

All the blushes look more powdery in the photo than what they are in real life because I had to build up the swatches so the difference between them would be visible enough. Sublime Flush looks coral, but that’s because it’s close to very blue toned pinks. I still consider it a light pink.

It’s hard to tell the shine of each shade by these swatches too. Sublime Flush has the highest glow (although it’s still a soft sheen, not a highlighter type of shine) and Katie is the only one that is matte. The rest of the colours have a soft, satin sheen.

There you go, my favourites for a doll-like cheek look. Any that tickles your fancy?

3 thoughts on “Top 5 | Best Light Pink Blushes (2022)

  1. You definitely have an amazing collection of blushes! My favorite of this light pink selection is the Hourglass Sublime Flush. Unfortunately, I can’t do cool toned light pink blush, it doesn’t suit my complexion at all. If I go fo a cool hue, it has to be a medium mauve.


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