Top 5 Surprisingly Amazing Makeup Products

You know that feeling when you just found something so inconspicuous to be so amazing? Like randomly choosing a wine at the supermarket and finding out it’s the best red you’ve ever had. Like, Emma Stone could never.

This is what these five products are – better than Emma Stone. Surprisingly so.

Smashbox Cali Contour palette

This is so good. The powders are so smooth and so pigmented, and blend like a dream – you can never loose, because even if you have a very un-needed heavy hand, you can blend this product out to seamless-ness. And I’ve just used two words that don’t exist in one sentence. There are more shades of this palette, but this particular one will work great for light skintones. The cardboard packaging is more luxurious than my Sisley bronzer compact. Heavy and sleek. Amazing product.

Ciaté Marbled Metals eyeshadow in Wicked

Again, more people need to talk about this. This thing is amazing. If you like the Marc Jacobs’ See-quins Glam Glitter eyeshadows (wouldn’t See-queens be a better name?), you’ll love these. Dare I say they’re better and cheaper? Yes, I dare. Long-lasting, pigmented, packed full with glitter but still classy (or that’s what I keep telling myself) – this is extremely good.

MAC Global Glow Mineralize Skinfinish

I have a few Mineralize Skinfinishes from MAC, almost all of the permanent ones, and this happens to be by far the most unique. There is a type of shine to this product that goes beyond the shimmer, that isn’t quite perceptible in the photo. Actually, the shimmer is more of a top layer – there is a glaze underneath, that’s not like that wet look a lot of people talk about, it’s more like… well, cellophane. I know that doesn’t sound sexy, but it is. Instant cheek lift.

NYX Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder in Synthetica

Why isn’t this more popular? There needs to be more people talking about it. Synthetica* feels like a high end powder, a highlighter-blush hybrid with a dense texture and good lasting power. The shine is very intense but when the light isn’t hitting your cheek directly it doesn’t turn into a dark unnatural streak of color, but a flattering blush tone instead.

Revolution Pro Sculpt and Glow contour and highlight palette in Sands of Time

I’ve mentioned it briefly in the Drugstore Makeup Tag – this is so good. So smooth, so pigmented, so blendable. Look at the swatch on that highlighter! It is so intense, you can hurt retinas with that thing. The amount is skimpy though – but a small price to pay, literally, because it’s Makeup Revolution after all (albeit the Pro line), and that’s a very affordable brand.

Disclaimer: the above link marked with a * is an affiliate link. That means if you click it and purchase something, I make a small commission, which helps maintain this blog. If you prefer not to support this little shack that way, that’s ok, the product is available through the regular website link 😉

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