Burberry Unboxing – Check it out

See what I did there? The Burberry check pattern is probably one of the most recognisable ever – and very on par with the brand itself, it stands the test of time, being that it was registered as a trademark 99 years ago.

This is a designer that I consider carries a genuinely classic collection – yes, because many pieces that get dubbed as “timeless” have a fashion life of about 10 years, but the Burberry trench coat is forever in style. This isn’t the time for a trench unboxing, unfortunately, my wallet is still unprepared for such, but I got myself the next best thing.

My kryptonite.

My love.

My everything: shoes.

Oh, and an engagement gift for my fiance. That actually ties in with the tittle of this post and the whole “check” theme.

But. Shoes

Let’s see the shoes first:

There is no box to “un-box” these from anymore because I couldn’t wait for the other item to get here to make this post. I started wearing them as soon as they arrived.

The Burberry link detail, block-heel, black leather mules. So classic, so versatile, with a vintage touch provided by the link chain. They’re not in pristine condition anymore because I’ve been wearing them like crazy – and for how much I’ve used them, I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised with how they’re holding up.

A few to be expected crease marks, but other than that they’re still looking perfect.

Being a mule, they’re a great transition piece. They run true to size, by the way. I’ve worn them through the summer and now they work just as well with socks or tights for the cooling fall weather. The low, large heel makes them comfortable for everyday wear.

And they’re classy AF for the office.

Next, Sir Fiance’s gift. It came in the same cardboard box that the shoes came in, with a taupe canvas bow around it.

There was a pale green paper wrapping what, you ask? Another box.

Matrioska of boxes.

After much unpacking we finally get to the good stuff. A pair of gold plated cuff-links with a check pattern, very evocative of the brand’s trademark.

Burberry cold plated check cufflinks.

Très chic, imho. I think it’s very classic, the design is elegant and discreet but has a presence, and the gold is light enough to not look too garish. The brand name is at the back of the cuff-link, which I much prefer to it being obvious or too loud in the design.

Sir Fiance liked them, most importantly. They suit him.

So these are the spoils.

And I might be eating just rice for the next three months ’cause now I want a trench coat.

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