Selfridges Beauty Sales Haul – Ltd. edition MAC, Huda Beauty, It Cosmetics

I saw Selfridges’ sales being announced somewhere about a month ago and decided to take a peek. Just a peek. Multiple orders later, I give you this (surprisingly unsponsored) post.

I was astounded with the amount of MAC limited edition stuff that was still available and heavily discounted. Almost all quads of the Honor of Kings collection were available at almost half price. I got the Zhao Yun quad, that has Red Brick and Corduroy, two eyeshadows that have long been on my wishlist.

Left to right: MAC Mosaic Masterpiece highlighter, MAC Dynastic Fantastic Powder Blush duo, MAC Cockney lipstick, MAC Zhao Yun eyeshadow quad.

Another collection that I was surprised still had items for sale was the Lunar Illusions collection. Will you look at that lipstick packaging. I chose Cockney, which is a red shade in the lustre finish – you can never go wrong with a red. And that blush, how pretty is that. The Dynastic Fantastic blush is a duo of two permanent shades: Pinch O’Peach, which is a pink, and Modern Mandarin, which is a bright tangerine shade. The fact that I had neither shade helped justify the purchase, but I really wanted it for the packaging.

Something that was not on sale (but still available! How come??) was the wonderfully gorgeous limited edition highlighter (that used to be a cult favourite) Whisper of Gilt from the Mosaic Masterpiece collection. I never bought a piece of makeup to not use, as in just for collecting purposes, but this might be the one. I think the fact that this item was still available is proof that MAC has lost a lot of its previous popularity – this would not happen 5/4 years ago. I might dedicate a whole post to this phenomenon.

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Whisper of Gilt in the beautiful mosaic print. On the right, there is the Dynastic Fantastic blush duo.

One other thing that made my jaw drop because it sold out so fast in Lisbon last year that I could not get it for the life of me was the Huda Beauty Neon Orange palette. I wanted it so bad, but settled for the Neon Pink. Now that’s my side chick ’cause the neon lady of the house just arrived.

Last but not least, I got the It Cosmetics CC Cream (shade Medium because I’m super tan this Summer) and the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood filter. These weren’t on sale, I just wanted them.

Huda Beauty Neon Orange palette, Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter complexion booster, It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+

The ordering process itself was incredibly smooth – so smooth I made three orders in a row. I got the Selfridges Plus program that for an annual fee allows me to have free shipping on all orders (might as well). Orders arrived after 4/5 days, all in a little Selfridges pouch that added that extra bougieness to the whole process.

Online shopping will be the downfall of my finances.

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