Greek Beauty Haul | Seven7een, Radiant, Erre Due, Korres, Apivita, AK Makeup, Tommy G

I’ve spent more on beauty during my honeymoon in Santorini than I’ve ever spent on any other trip. I had no idea that Greece had so many beauty brands! I knew about Korres and that was it. So when I went to a department store and saw so many greek makeup brands, I kind of lost it a bit. Like a kid at a candy store that is spending grandma’s money, because we all know mama won’t put up with it. I had to get myself out of there at some point because I was buying the entire store.

The first thing that caught my eye was a marbleized baked powder by the brand Erre Due. I love baked powders, and this reminded me of MAC’s Mineralize SkinFinishes that I used to collect. This one is called Sparkling Powder Face & Body and it’s in the shade 409 Bursting Lava, and it cost 24€ for 8 grams of powder. I forgot to swatch it because I’m unprofessional (we’ve been over this) but it’s a transparent berry colour with a lot of shine. Works well as a blush when I have a bit of a tan.

Erre Due Sparkling Powder in 409 Bursting Lava

Next I noticed two stands that were next to each other, Seven7een and Radiant. If I’m not mistaken, they’re sister brands, much like Catrice and Essence. I only got one product from Seven7een and, after trying it, I wish I had bought back ups. It’s the Natural Silky Compact Powder with SPF15, in shade 07 Ivory – for reference, I’m a NC25 in MAC foundations. I was gobsmacked by how blurring and smoothing this powder was, and although I need to test it further, it seemed like it was able to control oil really well. It’s 12 grams and I can’t remember how much it was, but I think around 14€.

From Radiant I purchased a setting spray that the sales associate told me to apply before and after makeup, so I’m super curious about it. It’s called the Makeup setting spray DE-TOX and was 16€ for 100ml. I also got a cream eyeshadow, Liquid Metal in shade 09, because it’s supposed to be waterproof and they were having a sale (still are!). It was around 12€ for 7ml. The colour is a metallic dark teal, it has a thick paste consistency, and the sales associate told me I could also use it as an eyeliner with a small brush, so I’ll have to do that next time. I’ve tried it all over the lid and they weren’t lying – it dried down and lasted all day without creasing, with no primer.

I had already paid for my purchases and was leaving the store when I noticed two other brands I hadn’t before: Tommy G and AK Makeup. Again, two sister brands. Actually, I think AK is supposed to be the professional line of Tommy G. And boy, did their sales associate knew how to sell. So that, in combination with my weakened state of mind, made vulnerable for being around so many shiny and colourful new things, resulted in haul number 2, only 15 seconds apart from the first.

First, I was really intrigued with the pan design of Tommy G’s eyeshadows. They’re called the Eye Shadow Lunare All Over and they have this alien-ish pan design, with sparkly blobs of different colours. I bought three because they’re shiny and I’m a magpie: 1041 is a bright coral, 1020 is a light mint, and 1030 is a very shimmery pinky beige that’ll work well and a face highlighter. They were 11€ each for 4,8g of product (huge!).

Next we delved into the AK makeup line. I bought a loose powder that looked pretty unique to me, a rosy brown colour with a few specks of glitter. The product name is The Loose Powder, in shade 003, and it contains 19 grams for 20€. On me it works as a blush/bronzer hybrid. The specks of glitter kind of vanish when I apply this to the skin, which works well for me.

Then, the primer. It’s a mattifying primer and I was convinced when, a couple of minutes after she applied it on my hand, my skin felt non-tacky and super smooth, but not silicone like. It was 19€ for 30ml and I have yet to try it on my face.

Next up, the blush. It’s actually called, “The Blush”. I like what they’re doing. This is shade number 009, and it’s an orange powder with gold dots. As you can see, I like petri dish looking designs on my makeup. It’s a highly shiny, tangerine like colour. Looks very intimidating in the pan but it’s softer when swatched. It was 17€ for 12 grams – again, a ton of product.

Last but not least, I fell for one of their Metal On Eye Shadow, in shade 03. The texture is super dense, creamy, and pigmented. This is a pewter leaning taupe with a few specks of glitter and it. is. stunning. They have other gorgeous shades but I had a baggage limit on my airplane ticket. This was 13,90€ for 7 grams (7!! that’s more than some blushes).

Although makeup is my favourite thing to play with, I still wanted to get some greek skincare. In our suite we had products from a brand I was unfamiliar with: Apivita. There were some nice smelling shower gels and body lotions, and turns out it’s a greek brand as well. So when I was at the department store I decided to pick up one of their masks, the Moisturizing Face Mask with Aloe, 12,30€ for 50ml.

Korres had a section with travel size masks that were 20% off and I decided to try two, the Green Clay and Grapefruit face masks. They were less than 6€ each, for 18 ml. Lastly, what I have on the far left of the image below is a soap that our accommodation, Sophia Luxury Suites, gifted us when we left. Santorini is a volcanic island, and that is a volcanic soap, something I neglected to purchase at the department store. I’m super happy to have one.

A very productive shopping day, considering this was all done within one hour, probably less.

If nothing else, I’m a very good shopper.

4 thoughts on “Greek Beauty Haul | Seven7een, Radiant, Erre Due, Korres, Apivita, AK Makeup, Tommy G

  1. I know Korres and Apivita, I specially love this one, but I didn´t know the other brands you featured in this post. I think I would have gone crazy shopping as well with so many amazing beauty products to buy!

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