Review, Swatches | Chantecaille Flower Power Cheek Shade (Spring/Summer 2021 Collection)

Chantecaille’s limited edition collections are so well edited. They make up for the small range of products by having beautiful, well thought out packaging. The type you like to display. And the Spring/Summer Flower Power collection is no different.

In this collection the infamous Perfecting Blur Finishing Powder was re-released, to the delight of many. I have the version in last year’s packaging and might be reviewing it. What really intrigued me this year though was the blush. I’m a sucker for a nice blush. And man, was I suckered into this £47 oversized eyeshadow.

Look, I know it’s my fault that I didn’t notice the amount when I was buying it online, but that doesn’t make the product any less scandalous. The smallest full sized blushes I’ve ever seen have 4 grams of product – this one has 2,5. I guess we can say it’s travel friendly, if we want to start with the positives.

I swear the swatch is there. It’s just really light. If you squint your eyes you can see it. Promise.
…really make you wonder the relevance of this photo, huh?

The colour, in my opinion, is universally flattering, but because of precisely that, pretty basic. It’s a luminous peachy pink, much like the NARS Orgasm blush but without the gold shimmer. On the cheeks it looks more coral and darker than on the hand swatch. On the image the shade looks almost like a highlighter instead of a blush – I think that because it’s a heavy swatch and not blended in, the shine makes the blush look lighter. But trust me, on the cheeks, the blush colour is very true to pan.

This blush has a really creamy texture. It’s not quite the powder-gelée formula we are used to see, it’s more of a balm-y, almost putty formula, and it can get crumbly, if you really dig your brush in it. The formula blends out very easily and it’s basically impossible to overdue. I don’t think you could ever achieve clown cheeks with this blush – not without seeing pan in the compact, considering the size of this is a meagre 2,5 g (yes, I’m still shocked!).

It lasts a decent amount of time. Without using setting spray, I noticed some fading after about nine hours of wear.

Now, about the packaging. It’s tiny (might as well) but still has a mirror on the inside, which I appreciate. It feels sturdy, and the little 3D rubber flowers on the top of the compact are hand glued. That makes it so that every compact is different. I know this isn’t essential and doesn’t affect product performance, but these are the extra special touches that luxury brands usually give you. And I like to be extra specially touched.

Is this worth it though? Well, this doesn’t make me breakfast the next morning, so I struggle to say yes. It’s a good product. I personally don’t mind the small amount because with as many blushes as I have, I won’t go through one anytime soon, but the fact that this isn’t a special enough colour kind of narrows the type of people I could recommend this to.

If you don’t have that many blushes or are just starting out, then the colour and ease of use would make sense, but the minuscule amount for the price doesn’t make sense for someone building their makeup stash. If you already are a makeup connoisseur, chances are you have a dupe of this, ten times over.

If you’re a collector, then sure, go ahead. You’ll be fabulous and broke. It’s a choice. I’ve made it before.

3 thoughts on “Review, Swatches | Chantecaille Flower Power Cheek Shade (Spring/Summer 2021 Collection)

  1. I would love this blush, I know this shade would definitely suit me and the packaging is out of this world, but 47€ is a bit on the expensive side. I would consider with a nice discount though.

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