Review | Danse Lente Mini Johnny Bucket Bag in Peach and Lemon

I’ve referenced in the past that one day, a Danse Lente bag would be mine. After a nearly year-long courtship and a lot of intense sale scouting, a mini Johnny bucket bag was mine. Danse Lente decided to launch the Johnny bucket bags in this pastel yellow/subdued coral colour combination for Spring/Summer 2020, and it was a great choice for warmer weather – it’s feminine, it’s classic, it reminds me of sorbet. It was meant to be.

There is this “basket” charm to a bucket bag in light, bright colours – it almost looks like a flower pot.

The bag itself is very well made. The leather is not soft by any means and you’d have trouble leaving marks on it – trust me, I’m rough with my bags. There are small details that give this bag a very luxe, high end look, like the “Danse Lente” inscription on the side of the handle hardware, and the gold lettering on the bottom of the bag:

This is the type of bag where you’ll unmistakably recognise the brand by the design, not by any massive logo. Nothing wrong with that, I think big logos can be fun, but there’s something so chic about discretely displaying the brand name in an almost imperceptible place.

It’s surprisingly light for how sturdy it is, and comfortable to hold. This is made to rest on your forearm but I tend to hold my bags with my hand, as you’ll see on the picture below, and although the handle is very wide, it’s not bothersome to carry this way.

Don’t mind the cellulite – I could say it was a feminist choice to display it rather than a lack of Photoshop skills to disguise it, but I would be lying.

The major disadvantage is how hard it is to access the inside of this bag. The side flaps are not very malleable, which will ensure that the bag retains it’s shape with wear, but still, between the middle clasps and the top flap, you will lose the fight of trying to find your phone before it stops ringing.

This is made with leather on the outside and has a fabric interior, with a little pocket that closes with a zipper, and is, again, very hard to access. It’s spacious enough for your and your boyfriend’s stuff (have you ever met a guy how wasn’t eager for you to carry their wallet and keys in your handbag for them? Yeah, me neither), but there won’t be much room left. I think this is the ideal size – the XS Johnny that Danse Lente also makes would be too small for me.

The slits on either side of the bag are for the detachable shoulder strap.

This comes with a detachable shoulder strap that detached it will stay, because I don’t like long straps on bags that have a top handle.

All in all, this is incredibly well made and feels very durable. I love it so much that it might get a sister in a not so distant future.

Photos by Sir Fiancé.

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