The beauty tool you never knew you needed… the Sponge Case

I never heard anyone talk about this, so much so that I only found out about these things whilst randomly browsing a beauty website. Am I the last person to find out about this?

Am I the only one who thinks this is useful?

Am I an idiot?

Because I think this is genius. I always struggled to find a place to store my just-used still-wet Beauty Blender (or any other makeup blending sponge, really). They take ages to dry inside a cup or closed container – and may even get mouldy.

I would usually lay them on a small makeup towel on my vanity to let them air dry, because I don’t want to place a wet sponge directly on the table, but leaving things out on a makeup towel – specially light and bouncy things – is the perfect setup for me to forget about it and snatch the makeup towel to use and/or store it, only to have the sponge fly off across the room and bounce to unreachable, dusty places like the back of insert-heavy-furniture-here. A first world problem, I know, but annoying nonetheless.

Does the silicone case get dirty? Yes. Is it impossible to clean? No. Was I too lazy to clean it and that Beauty Blender for the picture? Of course.

Honestly, this is so basic – but it makes so much sense. It’s just a case with some holes all around. This allows the sponge to dry even if it’s stored in a drawer or a makeup case if you happen to be traveling. Also, I can lay this thing anywhere because the wet sponge won’t be in direct contact with any surface.

I’m not telling you anything new? Ok then. Sorry. Just trying to help. Geeish.

This one cost me 3,95 on (not an affiliate). But a lot of places sell stuff like this. Maybe you can find one even cheaper.

I added this picture just to prove the wet sponge fits in the closed case.

Ok, I’m done now.

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