Danse Lente Mini Johnny Bucket Bag in Peach and Lemon – a review

I’ve referenced in the past that one day, a Danse Lente bag would be mine. After a nearly year-long courtship and a lot of intense sale scouting, a mini Johnny bucket bag was mine. Danse Lente decided to launch the Johnny bucket bags in this pastel yellow/subdued coral colour combination for Spring/Summer 2020, and it was a great choice for warmer weather – it’s feminine, it’s classic, it reminds me of sorbet. It was meant to be.

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New Bags on the Block: Ralph Lauren, Kenzo & Ganni

Did you get through sale season unscathed? If you did, lie to me. Hide the high horse if you’re a role model of self control. ‘Cause I’m not. Neigh, I’m not.

It wasn’t just makeup that I caved in to, oh no. If someone was to make a chart about my bag purchase rate over the past year, it would be a consistent line until about two months ago, where it would grow more exponentially than the coronavirus crash to zero because I would start running with all my new bags under my arms before they could start counting them.

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‘Twas the Time for Tweed

Classic, grown up, subdued prints are major this fall. Plaid, houndstooth, animal prints – the classic neutral tones, not the neon, LMFAO Party Rock music video type colours – and tweed.

So I take a very adult, mature trend and decide to wear it like a school girl.

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Dark Flowers – a floral dress for the end of summer

We had no summer this year. Climate change is here to stay. There was sun, sometimes, but there was no heat. I’m used to 28ยบ Celsius and up during Summer’s 3 months, and we had about two weeks of that.

I’m already missing something I haven’t had, so you can understand the dark mood.

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Let’s polka again!

Come on lets twist polka again, like you did last summer, bop bop.

It’s been so long since I’ve published that summer came and went and the clothes that I’ve worn past April are weather appropriate again. So this post is still totally relevant.

At the terrace of Casa Pinto, in Monsaraz.
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Leather, Flare and Flower Power

It’s finally getting warmer and one is ready to ditch the turtlenecks. Although this might be the calm before the storm – literally, April is usually the rainiest month – I’m going to enjoy it while I can.

The look for the day ended up being very 70’s style. I wore a leather jacket with a flowery print button up shirt, my leather bucket bag, black flared trousers, and my new pointy pumps.

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