‘Twas the Time for Tweed

Classic, grown up, subdued prints are major this fall. Plaid, houndstooth, animal prints – the classic neutral tones, not the neon, LMFAO Party Rock music video type colours – and tweed.

So I take a very adult, mature trend and decide to wear it like a school girl.

I redeem myself by using an amount of makeup that would be very questionable on a uniform mandatory private school (I’m inferring, ’cause I never actually went to one, thank God).

I wore a tweed skirt in a taupe check print. The skirt pattern has a blue stripe that gives it a bit of zhoosh. I paired it with pieces of multiple shades – beige, brown and black – but because the colors are very tame and neutral the overall look doesn’t feel too busy.

The knee-high socks end on a dark brown crochet hem with a velvet ribbon through it that I tie in a bow to secure the socks. The earrings are also in the same shades of rosy beige and brown. My cohesiveness is on fleeck.

The shoes are the Burberry mules I bragged about on this post. I wore, once again, the bucket bag. I’m neglecting so many of my bags. But this one is just easy and I’m lazy.

If you’re wondering what the hell is hanging for dear life from my bucket bag, it’s not an attempt to create the next street trend, it’s a cardigan that I can’t be bothered to carry neatly folded on my forearm. One more pic to prove it:

Photos by Sir Fiance.

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