Checkered Trousers & a Chic Tote

Stop the freaking press, I’m wearing jogging pants.

Have I changed the way I dress? Nop, I was trekking through plants.

In comfortable slacks, but like I vowed: sneakers were still not allowed.

I’ll stop the rhymes and wait for the applause.

(I’m the cheesiest b*tch there ever was…)

To give a bit of context in case this is the first post you see on my blog (hi! welcome!) I’m not a sneakers gal. Don’t own a single pair. High heels all the way. So when Sir Fiancé and I went on a long weekend to Serra de Sintra, where we would be walking through the woods half the time, I had to make due. If Laganja Estranja can do a death drop in 5 inch heels, I certainly can walk through Sintra’s parks in heels as well.

Small heels though, I’m not that fabulous.

For someone who is not a fan of workout clothes as regular clothes (athleisure sounds athrocious to me) I’m totally sold on these wannabe-formal jogging pants. Yes, they still look kinda pyjama-y, but they come in handy in these situations where stretch and looseness are required. I paired them with a black turtleneck and a black cardigan wrap. The shoes are from Neosens, the Rococo engraved black leather boots, with a Victorian-inspired heel. I’ve loved them through the 8 and a half years that I’ve had them. They’ve clearly been through the wringer, but their vintage look makes all the wear and tear work.

Detail of the plaid and the high engraved boots.

My knitted cardigan is a mix of a coat and a scarf. The sides are very long and can wrap around for extra warmth. It is light, flow-y and very pretty while dancing in the wind, and I occasionally trip on it and the ends get dirtier faster because they keep falling off my neck and grazing the floor.

The bag is my new baby. My latest purse purchase. It’s an alternative to my trusted bucket bag. It’s the Frida Tote from Staud, the brand that made those little basket bucket bags famous – which I love, but are too quirky for everyday office wear for me. This is a much more consensual, but still interesting, shape, and a very neutral, versatile camel-brownish colour.

My infinite cardigan and the Staud Frida bag.

The leather on this one has been holding on spectacularly well. Let me tell you, I’m not careful with my bags. Can’t be bothered. I’m not reckless or careless in general, it’s just that I can’t fathom the though of babying objects (things have to serve me, not the other way around) – and that can show in lesser quality items (I’m looking at you, Braccialini bags!).

I’ve been using the Staud bag non-stop for over a month and still not a single scratch/bend/mark on it. Love it.

Photos by Sir Fiancé.

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