Little Black Dress & a Coat to Impress

It seemed appropriate to post a little black dress outfit in anticipation of the upcoming Valentine’s Day, so here it is.

We were at the garden of the Monserrate Palace, in Sintra. A very romantic place. I wanted to wear something feminine, but it is still winter so I had to prevent the granted hypothermia I would have suffered with just a plain black dress, hence the big fur coat – and I’m wearing skin-coloured tights, by the way. It may not look like it in the photos, but I am. Bare-legged in January is, ironically, a version of Hell for me.

I can’t tell you how much I sucked in my stomach to take that picture. Christmas really did a number on me (gained 5 pounds).

A black dress is a great item to wear with statement pieces. And this fur coat makes a statement. A “Mob wife goes hiking” statement.

The dress is made of a fine knit with a large hem of a braid-like knitted pattern. I paired it with these embroidered suede ankle booties from PROF, a Portuguese company. They have a comfortably large heel, and the light camel colour with the red flower embroidery makes it a very casual shoe that works well all year round. I’ve worn them in the summer with mini-skirts and and short shorts.

I wore my Staud Frida bag again. The look is very minimalist, with very neutral colours apart from the red detail on the shoes. Yet I think it packs a punch.

Me in a “I could live here” pose.

A cat approached me. He (she?) must have been impressed with my stylish attire. Or just took a look at the fur and thought I was one of the strays as well.

Second option is more likely than what I’d like to admit.


Photos by Sir Fiancé.

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