Review, Swatches | Krash Kosmetics Khamaleon Duochrome Pressed Pigments (Detallito, No More Dates, Saca la Cartera, Ponlo a Su Cuenta)

It’s not usual to see a brand undersell their products. Krash Kosmetics needs to upgrade their marketing: these are not duochromes, these are multichromes. Inexpensive multichromes. It’s the makeup equivalent of finding a forgotten 5$ bill in the pocket of some old jeans.

In total there are seven shades of the Khamaleon Duochrome eyeshadows in Krash’s permanent line, and I have 4 of them. There is a theme around the names of these pigments: “sugar daddy”. In fact, Krash Kosmetics likes to have a theme for their colour cosmetics – their regular eyeshadows have names relates to ex-boyfriends. I’m all for it. It is a Spanish brand, so many of the names are in Spanish, and I’ll be translating them in case you want in on the fun:

  • No More Dates: this has a green to pink shift. It’s very similar to Pat McGrath’s Sextraterrestrial from the Mothership Rose II palette. Green and pink are the main colour families you see it shift between, but it actually goes from dark rose to light pink to yellow-ish copper, to mossy green.
  • Saca la Cartera: translates to “take out your wallet” (love it!) and it shifts from copper to olive green. You can first see a reddish copper, then it shifts to almost gold, than goes to olive green.
  • Detallito: can be translated to “a little something”. Shifts from purple to green. It goes from purple to blue, to lighter blue with a touch of teal, to emerald green. The blue is very visible once you apply it on the eyes.
  • Ponlo a su cuenta: translates to “put it on his bill”. Shifts from teal to purple. It goes from teal to blue, then a light purple, then a darker, royal purple.

The shifts are very hard to capture with a still photo. I found it easier to take a photo of the pots from two different angles to actually capture the two main colours of each shade. The order of the shades is the same in both photos below, from left to right: No More Dates, Saca la Cartera, Detallito, Ponlo a su Cuenta.

The finish of all the shades is very metallic, and all can be used wet or dry. They were all very pigmented with a brush, so I never felt the need to use my fingers to get them to be more intense. Even though these pigments come in a pot similar to Colourpop’s Super Shock Shadows, they don’t have the same bouncy, putty formula. The Khamaleon Duochromes are regular pressed powder eyeshadows, and they actually feel kind of dry and thin to the touch, even though they are pigmented and not patchy at all. The good thing about them being a regular pressed eyeshadow is that they won’t dry out.

All the shades lasted over 10 hours without creasing and with minimal fading (over an eye primer, on the mobile lid). That’s a feat, because I find multichromes tend to fade faster than a typical eyeshadow, and they get muddy throughout the day (they lose their shade-shifting ability as times goes by). And some multichromes crease faster too – I wonder if it’s because the balance between binding ingredients and pigment is different, maybe they have more pigment in order to be a multichrome. These ones from Krash have none of those issues – although I have not tried blending them with each other nor have I used them blended into the crease. I’ve applied them just to the lid because I think you need a bigger, “flatter” surface to be able to see the shift and use multichromes as they are intended to be used.

There were some minor differences in performance within the shades: No More Dates got fully opaque with a dry brush, however it faded slightly faster than the others; Saca la Cartera get’s grayer as it fades – which is typical for multichromes, since a lot of them seem to have a gray base with the shifting shimmer on top; Detallito was an excellent performer: intensely pigmented, and it stayed vibrant until I removed it; Ponlo a su Cuenta was the least intense/opaque, and even though you can build it up, it still looks more faded than the other 3 shades.

I don’t get what’s going on with their labelling: three out of the four shades contain 8 grams, which is a weight measure, and one mentions 5 ml, which is a volume measure. Some say they’ll last 24 months after opening, others say 6 months. Very inconsistent. I may have gotten eyeshadows from outdated batches, but still, there shouldn’t be that much of a variation when it comes to this type of basic information.

Regardless, assuming they are all around 8 grams, that is a lot for an eyeshadow (around 4 times the regular size!), specially one that costs 9,95 €. You will never run out of them. They are indeed a great investment, specially if you’ve always wanted to try multichromes but aren’t sure if you’d enjoy them and don’t want to commit to a big price right off the bat. You will get a good product that performs well and is not frustrating to use. Totally recommend, 10/10.

2 thoughts on “Review, Swatches | Krash Kosmetics Khamaleon Duochrome Pressed Pigments (Detallito, No More Dates, Saca la Cartera, Ponlo a Su Cuenta)

  1. Wow, these are so pretty and unique! Multichrome eyeshadows are not easy to find and these are really good priced! I definitely need to cheeck this brand. Thank you for sharing.


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