No one talks about… Wet n Wild Mega Jelly Eyeshadow in Dirty Martini (review, swatches)

This was purchased when I needed to add something more to my cart to get a gift with purchase on some random online order I was doing. How is it not more popular? This should be in top 10 and yearly makeup favorites lists, yet, you can barely find any reviews. Go grab your peanut butter, this jelly is amazing.

No one talks about…” is a series of makeup reviews of products that have very few to no reviews online. This is so that if you’re searching for a bit more information before biting the bullet, you’ll at least have these swatches, photos, and my humble opinion :).

Wet n Wild Mega Jelly Eyeshadow in Dirty Martini* is an antique, greenish, dirty gold. The type of color hipsters made popular with the whole “vintage is cool” movement. There is a lot of gold shimmer that becomes very visible on the lid. Not actual glitter, rather large individual shimmer particles. Very classy for a dirty shade.

I the realm of cream eyeshadows, I find that jelly formulas have a higher lasting power than typical cream or putty formulas – because when they dry down, they really dry down, there is no emollient feeling left. This is no different. It dries down very quickly, it’s very pigmented and layers well. I’ve applied with my fingers and with a flat synthetic brush and it builds up well with both.

And it does not budge. No creasing throughout the day. Immaculate from start to finish – and this is the only situation where dirty martinis are involved that you can say that.

This is 4,5 g, which is pretty standard for cream shadows (even though I feel like I was robbed by the packaging), and cost me under 4€. I mean, even if you’re not ready for this jelly, it’s a cheap investment, so there’s almost no risk.

The only downside to this is that the packaging is prone to waste. There is a plastic cap to which almost half of the product clings to when you open it, so you have to be careful when doing so. Because there is so much product in that cap, you might be tempted to use more than needed.

All in all, Dirty Martini won’t disappoint you: it’s good, it’s classic, and you might consume more than you should. And the eyeshadow it’s pretty good too.

Disclaimer: the above link marked with a * is an affiliate link. That means if you click it and purchase something, I make a small commission, which helps maintain this blog. If you prefer not to support this little shack that way, that’s ok, the product is available through the regular website link 😉

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