No one talks about… Wet n Wild Mega Jelly Eyeshadow in Dirty Martini (review, swatches)

This was purchased when I needed to add something more to my cart to get a gift with purchase on some random online order I was doing. How is it not more popular? This should be in top 10 and yearly makeup favorites lists, yet, you can barely find any reviews. Go grab your peanut butter, this jelly is amazing.

No one talks about…” is a series of makeup reviews of products that have very few to no reviews online. This is so that if you’re searching for a bit more information before biting the bullet, you’ll at least have these swatches, photos, and my humble opinion :).

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Makeup Empties – The Good, The Bad and The Tossed

I’ve mentioned before I don’t believe in declutters – I have a more medieval approach towards my makeup products: I keep them to serve as penitence for wasted money and to discourage myself from wasting more. So the only way anything leaves my makeup collection is either by getting used up or unmistakably turning bad.

So let’s see what products have managed to leave my Alcatraz of a vanity.

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Summer Makeup Favourites (2020)

Well, I’m still working from home, and I can’t really go anywhere without constantly giving my nose, mouth and chin a mini-sauna, courtesy of a surgical mask, so I’ve become less and less interested in outfits and clothes, and more and more into makeup. I can still look cute in my Zoom meetings, full glam on the face and pyjamas on my legs.

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