Review, Swatches | MAC 2021 Hypnotizing Holiday Collection – Shadeshifter Duochrome Eyeshadows in Ho Ho Hocus, Prrrplexing, Calling Your Bluff

I told I wasn’t done with this collection. After falling in love with the Shadeshifter eyeshadow in Right Before Your Eyes, I was looking for an excuse to get the remaining shadows that piqued my interest, and the Black Friday sale was the perfect opportunity.

The Shadeshifter Duochrome eyeshadows are a new, limited edition formula from MAC made specifically for this holiday season, if I’m not mistaken, and I currently own 4 of the 5 shades they released. After trying Right Before Your Eyes, the one I was the most eager to try was Prrrplexing, a shimmery blue with a violet shift, but on the way I got Ho Ho Hocus (a green with gold shimmer) and Calling your Bluff (a light berry with a very, very subtle copper shift).

These eyeshadows are packed full with larger specks of shimmer that still feel comfortable on the eyes. The texture is chunkier and crumblier than a regular powder formula, but you can smooth it out, specially if applying the shades with a finger – I actually included the swatches on the fingers so you can see how much smoother and shinier the eyeshadows look.

These shadows feel like they’re made of a lot of coloured shimmer packed over a thinner base colour, yet when applying them I had no problem getting proper pigmentation and full opacity. Due to the texture and the amount of shimmer, they will be prone to fallout, specially if applied with a dry brush.

All three of these shades have a very weak duochrome shift. The most obvious one is Prrrplexing, because from some angles the blue does look purple, but Ho Ho Hocus just changes from light to darker green (still monochromatic) and the orange/copper shift from Calling Your Bluff is not noticeable on the lids (and it’s barely there in the finger/arm swatch). That being said, I still really like these eyeshadows and think they are worth getting. The shimmer and texture makes them very interesting and multidimensional, and they amp up any makeup look, plus they last all day with minimal fallout and are comfortable on the eyes. For something so glitter packed, that’s saying something.

Each eyeshadow is 1 gram each, and most shades are still currently available on multiple retailers. Some even have them for sale, so if shimmer and shine is your thing, consider giving them a go.

If you’re only looking to get only one though, I recommend Right Before Your Eyes. It’s the most interesting out of all of them.

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