Review, Swatches | MAC Petallic Metallic Extra Dimension Skinfinish

Petallic Metallic is going to be released with MAC’s future Spring collection, with new and beautiful packaging, but it has been released before with a MAC Mother’s Day kit. And I’m the girl who, even though she makes no money off of this blog and stopped having any room for new makeup 10 highlighters ago, bought this just to be one of the first ones to publish a review.

I guess if you’re a beauty reviewer, it just comes with the territory: a love of makeup, a wish to share your opinions with the world, and poor judgment. To my fellow makeup bloggers who manage to avoid these mistakes, I’ll just say you are better than me (I would say congrats as well if that wasn’t such an easy accomplishment).

The Mother’s Day kit my Petallic Metallic came in. Everything else is part of the permanent line, only the Extra Dimension Skinfinish is limited edition and is going to be re-promoted.

Petallic Metallic is a limited edition Extra Dimension Skinfinish highlighter, and that means it’s a powder gelée formula, which I absolutely love. Within MAC’s Extra Dimension line of highlighters I would say there are two types of finishes: the metallic sheen that looks wet on the skin, and the shimmer packed, micro glittery heavy over a translucent base colour. Petallic Metallic is definitely the latter.

The powder is firm on the pan but soft and smooth to the touch, and blends easily on the skin. The shade is a very subdued peach-pink with a lot of pink shimmer. It’s nearly a duochrome, with a very subtle shift. I included swatches with different lightings because the colour is very subtle, but there is a strong pink tone to it when light hits a certain way. This Skinfinish is very similar to the permanent line’s Show Gold, only Show Gold has a stronger shift and overall more pink pigment.

This highlighter is subtle, but not natural. No one’s cheek ever spontaneously starts producing pink shimmer (if yours does, see a doctor). Although the shimmer is pretty evident, it doesn’t emphasise skin texture. It lasts well throughout the day with slight fading at the end of it.

An Extra Dimension Skinfinish typically has 9 grams of product, but I’m not sure if the Spring 2022 collection (that has special packaging) will have the regular size Petallic Metallic.

Is it worth it? Honestly, if you already own Show Gold, nah. It’s like a weaker version of it. If you don’t, then you have to like visible shimmer on your cheeks to enjoy using it. So unless you do, the only reason to get this highlighter with the future spring collection is the beautiful embossing and chrome pink packaging. Nothing wrong with that, IMO (poor judgement, remember?).

4 thoughts on “Review, Swatches | MAC Petallic Metallic Extra Dimension Skinfinish

  1. Wow! Petallic Metallic looks stunning… I love blushes/highlighters so much that sometimes I get overjoyed and I feel I would end up looking like a walking shimmery globe 🤣. Anyways, thank you for sharing your post.

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