Review, Swatches | Givenchy Prisme Libre 4-Color Blush in 01 Mousseline Lilas

Not a lot of makeup releases have excited me lately. I’m not sure if it’s me or if it’s just the beauty industry that is going through a lull. So when I found myself looking for something to get me giddy about this hobby again, I defaulted to my long time favourite thing: blushes.

Givenchy came out with a collection of loose blushes that are very inspired by one of their star products: the Prisme Libre powder, that has 4 colour correcting shades that one mixes together before application.

Out of the entire range, the colour that intrigued me the most was 01 Mousseline Lilas, mainly because there are two very purple-y pink shades in this blush. However, as soon as I first used it I could tell the four blocks of colour won’t equivalate to at least 4 different blush colours. At least not unless you go through the trouble of blocking the sifter holes (with tape or something) every time you use it. Once all the colours get mixed up on top when you shake the packaging, that same mixed powder can fall back down to each of the four individual colour containers, so in due time you’ll end up with one uniformly mixed colour.

The swatch of that mixed colour is a light, blue toned pink that almost becomes lilac – but not enough to be granted a position in my lilac and purple blushes compilation.

There is also a certain lack of opaqueness with this blush. Don’t get me wrong, the blush has a healthy amount of pigmentation, but that transparency helps it look more natural on the skin. The product is a bit powdery, but easy to blend and does not get patchy upon application.

It wore without fading for 9-10 hours (depending on the foundation and skincare I used). Packaging contains 6 grams of product in total, so very much in line with a typical full sized blush, and it’s equally divided between the 4 shades (1,5g each). There is a small puff that could work if you’re in a pinch, but a brush is definitely best for blending and removing that “stamp” effect a powder puff can give.

All in all, a good blush. Not particularly unique, but it won’t disappoint either. I wasn’t wowed enough to want to purchase another shade, but in case I ever do try another colour that calls to me, I won’t have much hesitation about getting it too.

3 thoughts on “Review, Swatches | Givenchy Prisme Libre 4-Color Blush in 01 Mousseline Lilas

  1. I never tried any Givenchy beauty product, somehow I never felt drawn to the brand. This looks like a lovely blush, I like the fact it’s quite sheer, it probably looks very natural on skin.

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    1. I can relate, I never really was all that drawn to Givenchy until there was a major sale and I got the chance to try some products. The face products are a lot better than the eyeshadows, so if you’re ever in the mood to try them, I suggest starting with that 🙂

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