Review, Swatches | Tarte Best of Blush Amazonian Clay Cheek Set (shades Fantasy, Captivating, Charmed, Exposed & Delight)

I’m on a cheek roll, aren’t I? With the Dior blush, and the Sephora little experiment looking one, and the Louboutin palette… After getting all of those during Black Friday sales, it just made sense not to get just one more blush, but a set of 5. Well, 4. One is a highlighter.

I’m insane.

The thing is, when these blushes first came out, Tarte wasn’t sold here. So I missed that hype train, but remained curious. Specially because even after all this time, a lot of people still love these blushes. When I got the chance to try 5 of them for the price of one, I decided to jump on it. Choo choo. They’re obviously mini, but for me that makes more sense than full sizes, since I’ve never gone through an entire blush ever.

I understand the hype. The blushes are very soft and buttery, and the pigmentation is buildable, making them very fool proof. They are a bit powdery, but nothing too excessive. The colours, even though there’s four of them, are all very wearable – so much so that they blend into quite similar tones. Specially Exposed and Delight. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, most people have a lot more use for wearable tones than bright ones, but there’s not as much diversity as one would expect on a set of four.

The highlighter, Fantasy, has a different texture from the blushes. It’s creamier, less powdery, and more dense. That’s a better consistency for highlighters in my opinion, makes them look more skin like, and makes it so that skin texture looks less obvious.

All of them lasted the whole day when worn over a full face of makeup. They’re supposed to, since Tarte advocates for 12 hours of wear with these, but honestly, I don’t know if it’s my base makeup, or if brands have stepped up their formulas, but I haven’t been having issues with longevity on any new products that I’ve tried.

All the blushes and highlighter are 1,5 grams each (size of a normal eyeshadow) and this set retails here for 36€ (I managed to get it on 20% off). If you’ve never tried Tarte’s Amazonian Clay blushes, this is a good set to pick up.

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