Review, Swatches | Sephora Colorful Terrazzo Blush in Chill in the Air Nº45

I saw the Terrazzo blushes for sale on the Sephora website and went out to search for swatches and reviews. Can’t seem to find them anywhere. For any shade. So of course, I had a beauty duty to purchase at least one and try and fill this beauty-sphere gap. So here we are.

I don’t know if the lack of reviews is due to these not being available everywhere, or if people just aren’t that interested. I would have thought that this type of pan design would draw more people in, but I guess I’m the only one who’s a fan of petri-dish looking makeup.

I chose the lightest of the shades, Nº 45 Chill in the Air, and it is a very light, neutral pink with a matte finish. I suspect Chill in the Air won’t show up on deeper skintones, but there are a total of four shades in the range, so there’s likely something that does. This one is so light that I had trouble photographing it, so I hope you can detect it in the pictures below. I don’t feel like it’s parse on pigmentation, it’s just that the colour is that soft. Impossible to overdo this one.

The texture of the blush is textbook matte powder – it’s not one of those smooth formulas, that feel velvety, almost cream like; this is definitely a drier, harder pressed type of blush, that creates no powder kick up but is soft to the touch and easy to build up and blend on the skin. There is no patchiness, it applies evenly, and diffuses without effort. And it is long lasting – it lasts 10+ hours even without setting spray.

There is a curious thing about the packaging: it’s small and slim, and still there is a small mirror in it, but the most ingenious thing are two little ridges on the bottom part that you call pull out have have the blush easily depotted to go into a custom palette.

This is 12 € and there are 3,5 grams of product. Most blushes are 6 grams – so this is on the smaller, not that affordable side of makeup. I got it on a black friday deal, and I would recommend you wait for a Sephora brand promotion (because those seem to come by more often) before you get them. I enjoyed it so much that I’m keeping an eye on these, if a sale pops up I might snatch the rest of them.

3 thoughts on “Review, Swatches | Sephora Colorful Terrazzo Blush in Chill in the Air Nº45

    1. Yeah, I’m really starting to think this is only present at a few different countries. I know France had them, and currently on the website there are less shades available, so I’m thinking it might have been limited edition? Don’t know, but it’s a shame, because they’re good!

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