Review, Swatches | Huda Beauty Wild Obsessions Tiger Palette

There haven’t been many Huda Beauty palettes that I’ve set out to purchase (and yet I ended up with so many of them). Most came in kits, goody bags, or I had a gift card. But Tiger was different. I had my eye on the Tiger.

First, I love the colour story. Yellow and brown is a pairing that I think goes beautifully together, but I don’t get to see it often in pre-made palettes. I guess people aren’t as big a fan of the rotten banana colour palette as I am.

Then, the shades themselves are quite interesting: they’re a muted version of their base colour (the orange is a muted orange, the yellow is a muted yellow) making this a neutral palette made of colour. Love it.

As last but not least, I have to credit Temptalia here, because she closed the deal when she mentioned the middle shade was actually a multichrome!

The packaging has that plastic shifting image you would see on 90s toys.

There are 5 mattes in this palette. They’re intensely pigmented but very easy to work with. They diffuse and blend very well into each other, with the dark brown being the only one that takes a bit more work to get it to fade out (and it’s the only one that I’ve noticed stained a bit). But overall the mattes work well with each other, creating interesting gradients of colour and never looking muddy. After 14 hours, over primer, I did noticed a bit of fading with the darker mattes, but nothing that would disturb the look, and no creasing.

The shimmers have more or less the same texture – it’s that dense, creamy powder that can get crumbly and that you can use with a wet brush for maximum shine and impact. They all feel like they have somewhat of a sheer base with a lot of coloured shimmer. The darkest shimmer ( the brown on the second row) is one of my favourite shades – it has pink shimmer in it – but it’s also the one that I’ve noticed has the most fallout. I recommend doing your eyeshadow first and foundation after if you’re going to use the shimmers with a dry brush. I didn’t notice any fading nor creasing with the shimmers (over primer, that is).

Swatches done with finger, over no primer.

Last but not least, the middle shade, the one with the python print (weird choice, being this “tiger” inspired, but sure): I would agree in classifying it as a multichrome. It shifts from pink to gold to light chartreuse. On the curve of the eyes I actually notice the pink and the green more, but on my arm swatch it looks like a light gold. I tried to take pictures in multiple positions to catch the multiple tones, I think below you’re able to see the shift from gold to pink (the extent to which I had to contort myself to take these pictures – don’t ever say I never do anything for you).

The compact contains 7.5 grams of product. which works out to be about 0,83 grams per shadow. Not bad for something that ended up costing under 23€ (with a black friday sale).

From what I’ve seen I think Tiger is exclusive to the Huda Beauty’s website in the US, but I got mine from Sephora here in Portugal. So depending on where you live, keep an eye of the tiger on the Sephora website, you might be able to find it.

5 thoughts on “Review, Swatches | Huda Beauty Wild Obsessions Tiger Palette

    1. I think this collection from Huda is a hit! I like the colour stories of all of them, they are more interesting than just a neutral or just a monochromatic palette IMO. I would have the entire zoo if I could but my drawers keep complaining about their lack of space 🙂

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