Review, Swatches | Dior The Atelier of Dreams Rouge Blush in 601 (Hologlam)

Dior’s Hologlam blush is, if I’m not mistaken, part of the US permanent blush line – and it has always been on my wishlist, but it was not available in this part of Europe. Until now. When I saw this item being released here as part of the holiday collection I ran to grab it (ran as in, I gave my index finger a serious workout session clicking on this item when it showed up online on

Since this blush is being repromoted as part of Dior’s holiday collection, there is a gorgeous print on the pan of an historic building (the theme is their Paris boutique, 30 Avenue Montaigne, if I’m not mistaken) – which I’ve already defiled by swatching it vehemently.

Because, you see, there is no other way to swatch it other than vehemently. As you can see from the photo below, the swatch on my hand is a very soft, translucent one. Even though I built it up. Still looks like a dinky little thing. A tiny fart of pink.

Can you see that puff of colour?

I have to make it justice though – it’s not that there is no pigmentation to this product, it’s just that there is a translucent quality to it. I actually think this would show up on darker skintones with not a lot of effort. You can build it up to a point where it’s unnaturally obvious on the face, but it’ll never be opaque. It’s part of it’s charm – soft, airy, see-through. Sprinkled with sparkle.

The shade itself is a very interesting, very unique pink. It is pink, ultimately, but it seems like there is, at the same time, a warm and cool undertone. There are both peach and violet shades to this blush. To top it off, there is a layer of pink and purplish sparkles. They are pretty, they are delicate, but they are very evident, and the more you build up the color (and you will have a tendency to do that) the more of them there’ll be.

Performance wise, it blends easily, has a soft luminosity, and stays put throughout the day. I noticed fading after about 10 hours of wear. The sparkles don’t blend away but they don’t migrate either, which is really good. It contains 6,7 grams.

As gaudy as I can be with my love of glitter, this is too much for everyday use for me. I risked wearing it once at the office, skipping the highlighter and the bronzer so as to not look so dolled up, and I still felt a bit like a kid on her birthday who wants to look like a princess.

It’s still lovely, and it’ll get a lot of use during holiday parties. And it’s unique amongst the myriad of blushes I own.

6 thoughts on “Review, Swatches | Dior The Atelier of Dreams Rouge Blush in 601 (Hologlam)

  1. This is indeed a truly unique blush. I agree with you it’s far too glittery for everyday, but it’s very appropriate for the holiday season and for evening looks. Thank you so much for sharing!

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