Review, Swatches | MAC 2021 Hypnotizing Holiday Collection – Now You See Me Extra Dimension Golden Eye Kit

For all that I brag about knowing (and loving) MAC’s Extra Dimension formula, I’ve never tried the eyeshadows. I guess a kit with two of those, a liner and a mascara, and a 20% discount was what it took. Oh, and a pouch. I actually really love the pouch.

I got this kit for about 32€, which was a good deal for what it was, and I wouldn’t have gotten it otherwise, not because I didn’t expected it to be good, but because the shades are not particularly unique. That being said, Extra Dimension eyeshadows are exactly what I expected them to be. It’s that powder gelée formula that feels stiff in the pan and needs either a dense or a wet brush to pick up a good amount of product in order to get full intensity, otherwise, you’ll get a softer wash of colour, which is pretty, but not the reason why we are here.

We’re here for the metal.

Top to bottom: Graphblack Technakohl eyeliner, Fool Me Once eyeshadow, Quick as a Flash eyeshadow. The eyeshadows were finger swatched, over no primer.

I applied these wet to get full opacity and they’re very reflective, very pigmented, very smooth – full on metallic. Both the shades lasted the entire day on my lids (over primer), with no fading or creasing. They were there until I took them off. The shade Quick as a Flash is a very warm orange gold, and Fool Me Once is a light, shiny mauve, and I think both are limited edition, made just for the holiday kits.

Can we take a moment to look at that pan design? It’s so cool. MAC can clearly make interesting stuff.

I tried to see what’s the amount of each eyeshadow, because it’s not mentioned in the compact, but I can’t find it online (and I already threw out the outside packaging), so I’m not able to tell you. But they look full size, so between 1 and 1,3 grams, I guess.

The rest of the kit is made up of a Technakohl Liner in the shade Graphblack and a Extreme Dimension mascara in the shade 3D Black. The eyeliner is good enough, it’s 0,35 grams and comes in a retractable pencil packaging. It lasts around 6 hours on my waterline before it starts to fade around the corners – the usual for long lasting formulas, but not a competition for the waterline champions (RIP Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel in Blacquer, the best waterline pencil ever).

The mascara is something I’ve tried before, in the blue shade, and I liked it. It’s not a dramatic mascara, but not that subtle either – it’s one you reach for a regular office day, but not for a girls night out. I didn’t took pictures of the brush for you because I’m using other mascaras at the moment and didn’t want to open a fresh one just for photos. You know, this ain’t my full time job, what I buy is to use and let’s ignore that by that logic I won’t need to buy another blush until my great grandson is 103. It contains 12 grams (wouldn’t millilitres make more sense for a mascara?).

Last but not (maybe?) least, the thing that excites me more than it should: the pouch. There is a zipper at the top and at the bottom, opening two different pockets. It’s like a secret compartment. For a “magic” theme collection. Cool, no? Just me? Ok.

It’s a good kit if you enjoy the shades and can get it during a sale.

One thought on “Review, Swatches | MAC 2021 Hypnotizing Holiday Collection – Now You See Me Extra Dimension Golden Eye Kit

  1. I haven’t tried Mac Extra Dimension eyeshadows yet but your swatches look very nice. The eyeshadow pan design is a real plus. I own the Extreme Dimension mascara and the thing that I really love about it is that it gives me glossiest lash effect. In my case, three coats are needed to get a dramatic result.

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