Makeup Empties – The Good, The Bad and The Tossed

I’ve mentioned before I don’t believe in declutters – I have a more medieval approach towards my makeup products: I keep them to serve as penitence for wasted money and to discourage myself from wasting more. So the only way anything leaves my makeup collection is either by getting used up or unmistakably turning bad.

So let’s see what products have managed to leave my Alcatraz of a vanity.

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H&M Glitterati Mascara Liners (review, swatches)

When I arose from my 2 month confinement, brushed my hair and put on shoes that were not slippers to go to an H&M on my first post-quarantine visit to a mall, my eyes (and mind) were so accustomed to gloom and darkness that anything that glittered was gold bought.

And these were on sale for 2 euros each. Cheap, just the way I like my glitter to be. Lucky for me these turned out to be oh my god so good.

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The 19 Makeup Products of 2019

I didn’t do it on purpose, but of all the makeup products that came out in 2019, I got 19. No more, no less. I couldn’t hit that number if I tried. My whole life is a pun.

To be clear, I got 19 makeup products that came out in 2019. I got other products as well, but those have been out of the closet for several years – it’s just that they came into my closet this year.

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