Review, Swatches | Christian Louboutin Tape à L’Oeil Matte Nude Eye Colour in Lola (451) and Mariza (455)

Ahh, Louboutin. This is the “I’ve made it” brand for me. I remember thinking, when the lipsticks came out a long time ago, “Even if someday I can afford it, I won’t buy it, because it’ll never be worth it”, which is something a broke girl tells herself to feel better while secretly envying all the boujee bloggers and youtubers who had it. Well, look at me now, eating my words and loving it. Happy to be a hypocrite.

Christian Louboutin Beauty has two lines of liquid shadows, one with metallics and one for matte shades, and both the ones I chose are matte colours. Considering the brand and their typical price point, I was impressed these are “just” £39. I picked up the shades Lola, a pale pink beige, and Mariza, a warm rozy brown.

First of all, that packaging. It’s the main reason I looked into these. They look like vintage luxury nail varnish bottles, or, as I prefer to think of them, upside down 6.5 inch heels (yes, I measured them. They’re 6.5 inches). They’re pretty hefty too. So sexy. And dangerous. That tip can do some damage. Storing them is a b*tch, but who the hell cares? These babies are meant to be out and seen and make you feel like Cruella de Vil every time you pass by them.

The review could end here. The aesthetic is enough. I’m happy. Yet still, the formula is pretty amazing, which for me is just a perk, but if you’re reading the review is probably what you’re really interested in.

The formula is like a liquid lipstick. It’s creamy on first application but it completely dries down to a matte, powdery finish – so much so that if you have dry eyelids it can be an issue. They are insanely pigmented, you don’t need to apply much, specially with the shade Mariza. But if you do want to apply more, the product layers well. I was scared the second layer would lift the one underneath, but nope. Not even with the light shade Lola. It blends seamlessly with a brush (fingers too, but it’s harder to control) and never gets patchy. Lola can get a bit chalky, but that’s the nature of lighter colours.

Both lasted all day without creasing. At the end of the day I just noticed slight fading around the crease area . The applicator is a little stubby brush that applies the product fine but the hairs have a tendency to get a bit strayed. Each bottle is 7ml, which is a decent amount for a liquid eyeshadow (I typically find them to be around 4/5ml).

So there you have it. If you needed an excuse to get one of these beautiful things that wasn’t just packaging, you can reference me: they’re top performers, 10/10. You’re welcome.

8 thoughts on “Review, Swatches | Christian Louboutin Tape à L’Oeil Matte Nude Eye Colour in Lola (451) and Mariza (455)

  1. The packaging is out of this world! So luxurious and unconventional, for an eyeshadow anyway. £39 is not a bad price considering it’s Louboutin and the quality of the eyeshadows is actually so good.

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