Hidden Prints, Herringbone and High Boots

Just another winter Sunday. We went to Dear Breakfast again, and I would tell you that I’m always excited to go there because the food is great, which it is, but I would be lying. I’m excited ’cause of Mary. They serve Bloody Mary’s with brunch.

Anyway, it was an excuse to bust out these boho, non-office appropriate over-the-knee boots.

If I had to pick a favourite clothing item of all time, it would be over the knee boots. It was love at first sight when my young self was watching “The Nanny” (remember that show? With Fran Drescher?) and got fixated on her wardrobe. I love nearly everything she wore. I even think it’s better than Carrie’s from Sex and the City – there, I’ve said it. Leave me if you want. I’m not taking it back.

The boots are made from a camel-coloured suede with fringe on top and on the side. I kept the outfit’s colour palette very neutral: gray shorts, and a black knitted blouse over a leopard print button up shirt – this way you only have a sneak peak of the print on the collar and the shirt tail, so that it won’t compete with the boots and make the outfit too loud or busy.

Business on the top, party on the bottom, traffic cone on left.

It was cold (moderately for a normal human being, freezing as f*ck for me) so I still needed an overcoat, but didn’t want to go with all black again. I opted for a herringbone patterned one, black and white. I think the neutral colours make all the different prints and textures work together.

The bag is not made from the smoothest leather, but for the price we got it for (40 euros, around that) it’s very impressive.

The bag was my only excuse for colour. So I took a bright neon yellow leather bag that Sir Fiancé and I got on our vacation to Italy, from a leather store in Sorrento. No brand name, but still very well constructed.

Photos by Sir Fiancé.

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