I hope you’ve had a good time this holiday season. I’ve neglected the blog so much for the past month that I’ve let the opportunity go by to wish my readers a merry christmas and happy new year.

But this year, and particularly this past month, has been filled with changes.

In April I moved. In June I got engaged. It’s now less than five months to the wedding day and I still have to do the invitations and book the honeymoon. So, stressing about that.

I applied for a postgraduate course in November and got accepted.

I applied for a new position in December and got accepted.

I’ve met a financial goal I’ve set three years ago, and renegotiated my mortgage.

And we renewed our kitchen completely during December (two freaking weeks without hot water. Sh*t.)

Pics or it didn’t happen?

I gained 5 pounds in the last month. I’ve been forehead deep in a hole of responsibilities and duties in December and I’m sick of being an adult. Bah.

I just want to get to a relaxed, uneventful routine so that I’m able to blog again. And read blogs again. I’ve missed it so much.

I’ve missed you so much.

Thank you for a wonderful year . The blogging community has been a little oasis of happiness in my life and I’m so glad I decided to be part of it in 2019.

Cheers to a wonderful 2020 for us all.

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