Review, Swatches | Guerlain Gold Pearls Météorites (Holiday 2021)

Guerlain Météorites is the “Home Alone” of makeup – you can always count on seeing it during Christmas. And Guerlain has been launching limited edition versions of their Météorites powder for probably as long as that movie is out. Not all of them catch my attention, because with so many iterations there’s obviously going to be some overlap, and honestly, this year kind of started out that way.

When I first looked at the promotional pictures for this I thought “hum, beige-gold” and left it at that. I have enough powders that deliver that “candlelit glow”, plus there was already a previous launch in 2017 that was called “Gold Pearl” (singular, not “Pearls“) and that one had larger specks of sparkle, which I don’t care for. So assuming this year’s was similar, I dismissed it. Plus, the packaging is like their permanent line powders but with a gold lid instead of the usual silver, so nothing special there either.

Then came the reviews. So many raves, it felt like we were back in the nineties. I saw a long time collector of Météorites buy a back up. That’s how much she loved it. So, I let the fear of missing out strike me like a motherFOMO and I got myself a Gold Pearls Météorites. There.

This year’s edition has nothing to do with the 2017 Gold Pearl powder, both in sparkle and shade. There are no larger specks of glitter, only those really tiny particles of shimmer that get blended into the skin. These beads have four different colours: a pearly white, a soft yellow-gold, a light blush shade and a rosy copper, and blended together they give off this warm beige shade that has a gold luminosity to it.

The heavy swatch looks almost bronze but it’s a soft beige when applied to the face.

I understand the hype now. This particular powder is Météorites on steroids. It gives that blurring, perfecting effect to your skin, times 10 – so much so that the first time I used it I could be auditioning for Madame Tussauds, that’s how waxy my face looked. I’m used to applying Météorites generously, because more is more and I’m a glutton, but this is the first one I’ve tried where I have to hold back due my skin starting to look too fake (call the Kardashians, they would be thrilled with this powder).

That being said, if you have olive or yellow undertones like myself, this is the Météorites for you. It complements my skintone better than any other I have (the permanent line 02 Clair has neutral undertones and the Brazilian Fizz is very peachy) and it can look so flattering and so natural (when I apply a normal amount). And the rest is history: adorable tin can, lasts all day, 25 grams of product, yadda yadda, it’s a typical Météorites.

Top left: 02 Clair; bottom left: Perles de Nuit; top right: Pink Pearl; bottom right: Brazilian Fizz. Gold Pearls is in the middle. As you can see, it’s the warmest of them all.

Home run for Guerlain. I’m so happy with it I might even watch this years remake, “Home Sweet Home Alone”.

4 thoughts on “Review, Swatches | Guerlain Gold Pearls Météorites (Holiday 2021)

  1. I really like the shade of this Météorites Holiday edition. I used Météorites back in the nineties, but stopped using it because I found the shades were too pink and pale. This one though is a total different story and is going straight into my Christmas wish list. Thank you so much for sharing!

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