Guerlain Summer 2020 – Brazilian Fizz Météorites and Pearl Highlighter palette (review, swatches)

I’ve been a fan of Guerlain Météorites for many years, and have considered collecting them in the past – and then I snap back to reality because I’m not that kind of rich (or any kind). Regardless, every once in a while there’s a limited edition of the Météorites that grabs my intention both because of the colour and the packaging, and this was one of those times.

The Brazilian Fizz Météorites is very much in line with the permanent collection Météorites. This is a finishing powder that has a very subtle luminous effect. The Brazilian Fizz edition has lavender, green and oversized peach pearls, and has a slight overall peach tone that really warms up the face – very summer-y like.

My trip to Morocco this year got cancelled so I’m trying to emulate those vibes in this photo composition. Let’s pretend I’m there.

When I first applied the product, on top of a setting powder – because in my experience, this finishing powder is not the best at oil control, and it’s not really supposed to be – I didn’t notice much of a difference apart from a slight peach tinge. In classical Météorites fashion, the effect is so subtle it’s not immediately noticeable, however, after half an hour, whenever I caught myself in the mirror, my thought was Goddaaamn, my skin is looking good! every single time. I think this product needs some time for it to fully blend in to the skin. For the rest of the day my face looked perfected, smooth, and actually skin-like – no trace of a powdery face, and I had used a setting powder underneath! I didn’t even use setting spray, and this lasted well for 10 hours.

My hand is pretty tan so I think that’s making the lavender tones in the swatch more obvious by contrast, but trust me, this has a peach tone – very soft, very subtle, but definitely warm.

There’s a certain magic to Guerlain’s Météorites, and Brazilian Fizz ticks all the marks. I’m really glad I jumped the gun. Definitely recommend, but if you think the warm peach tone is not for you – I think it would only be a problem if you’re very, very pale – then check their permanent ones if you’re interested. This is 25 grams – and these last a century.

Perles de Nuit Météorites on the left and permanent collection Météorites in shade Clair on the bottom, for comparison. You can see the typical pearl size in the Perles de Nuit, they’re smaller in Clair because I’ve used them more. Yep, Brazilian Fizz has big balls.

The highlighter palette was actually what prompted the whole purchase. Highlighters in Guerlain’s Météorites line? It’s the last thing I needed, but it’s pretty and it smells good and I wannit. So I got it.

How sexy are those swatches?

This packs a lot more colour than I was expecting. The “white” looking shade is actually very gold – almost too dark for me. It works with a tan (and with the Brazilian Fizz Météorites oh my god so good) but on a very pale me it probably will not. The pink shade is likely to be the most versatile for a variety of skintones. The peach shade is so close to my skintone right now that it just looks like a gloss on my skin and I love it. These are not blinding highlighters but they’re not subtle either. It’s not unique enough for me to consider it a must have but the quality is there, the shades are interesting and the shine is very sophisticated.

Up close swatches for you short-sighted people. I can say that because I’m one of you.

These highlighters held up well through the first 7 hours but by the 10th hour mark they were very faded. The palette is 8,5 grams total which means each shade is about 2,8 grams each.

Both of these products have the typical violet Météorites scent, which I love (and just now realised I never looked to see if they made a perfume of it) but if you don’t like it, it might bothersome to use these products because it’s not really a subtle scent.

Guerlain kills it with their face products. If you’re searching for reviews to help you decide if you should get either of them, my vote is yes.

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