Styling an Oversized Cardigan

Chunky knits can be a safe default choice. They’re warm. They’re comfy. They’ll fit you even after gaining those 2 extra pounds during the holidays. They’re forgiving and won’t make your belly look any more obvious.

But they can also make you look frumpy and like you’re not even trying.

There must have been something hilarious on the ground.

Oversized knits are tricky to style because I don’t want to look like my only criterium was “something that fits”. Which can be true, I just don’t want anyone else to know that.

The best way to avoid this, for me, is adding a bit of structure to the outfit. In this case a large suede waist belt was the choice for this huge knitted cardigan. The big belt trend is rising again, but regardless I prefer a larger one for a maxi cardigan/dress/coat. A thin belt would look like an overworked intern that wasn’t up to the job but volunteered anyway, and is now is bursting at the seams trying to hold everything together.

The puffy sleeves add to the structured look. This massive cardigan is from Lanidor, a Portuguese brand that started out by selling high quality yarn. So I expect, nope, demand, no pilling from their knits. It’s my major issue with knits nowadays – and you just can’t trust price/designer tags for pill resistance. Once they start pilling, they look old and shabby. And it annoys the sh*t outta me.

Rant aside- I swear I’m a happy person – apart from being a tad itchy, the cardigan has risen to the expectation.

Took me three attempts and a teasing comment from a stranger passing by to get up on that wall

I’m wearing my ATP Atelier Snake Effect Mei 60 ankle boots.
Snakeskin print is a major trend right now, and ATP Atelier is a Swedish brand that sells Italian made shoes. Well made shoes. These are one of the most comfortable boots I have ever worn. They have molded to the feet perfectly. I got them over a year ago and they still look impeccable, after a lot of wear and tear.

I’m wearing black jeans and a button up blouse underneath, and my Ceancarel bag mentioned before.

Photos by Sir Boyfriend.

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