Le frique, c’est chic.

If you didn’t know the song, now you know, your life is better now. And if you know what youtuber I’m referencing with that last sentence, give yourself a cookie. Go on. Blame the calories on me.

Given the tag line of this blog, it’s ironic that the first picture of this post is a display of sneakers. But these are so original and colourful that they made it. Still not for me, still sneakers, but I reckon they’re cute.

Le Frique concept store entry display.

There’s this little concept store in Lisbon called Le Frique that has some exquisite unique pieces. By the way, I’m not affiliated with them, sponsored by them, don’t even know the owners, don’t get candy if I mention them, etc. I’m just showcasing some of Lisbon’s hidden gems for fellow shopaholics who might be interested.

The store features some exclusive brands and they constantly renew their collection so there is always something fresh and different every time I take a peek through their narrow entry way. They have a second floor, but the place is not massive, and they don’t have a big window display, so it could almost go unnoticed if you’re passing by and not paying attention when walking through the avenue.

New collection rack near the dressing room.

The yellow pants below are one of the items I got there, and they cost around 55 euros. I got the coat/cape from this post there as well, in the same shopping spree. When I first saw the pants on the mannequin from outside, an almost fluorescent neon colour, puffy-around-the-hips, clown-like, fake-leather garish trousers, I thought: have to have it. Give me them yellow pants.

Inspired by Spring and all the bees that come with it.

The pants have a corseted high waist that’s quite snug and then puffs out with some pleats on the front. I know that wider hips used to be a nightmare before the Kim Kardashian phase, but I always liked the silhouette. I liked big hips and I can not lie before it was cool. I’m a hip hipster. Hurray.

I paired the trousers with a cropped black knitted top. If you’ve seen most of my lookbook posts, it looks like I only wear cropped long sleeved tops. I swear I have other things. I have to feature them more.

I wore my Karl Lagerfeld Klassik shoulder bag and some suede high heeled ankle boots that need to be replaced and retired.

Cais do Sodré in Lisbon has become a trendy area of Lisbon, mixing the traditional with the alternative, coming a long way from it’s neglected and sketchy past. There are a lot of concept stores, both for fashion and furniture, a plethora of caffés and bars, restaurants from every type of cuisine, and a different place to brunch for each day of the week. So it’s got all the “cool” and “hip” stamps.

If you ever visit Lisbon and are looking for a different place to shop, consider Le Frique. It’s quite chic.

Photos by Sir Boyfriend.

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