Silver on a Gray Day

Here I am again with another high-waisted skirt. They’re flattering – really elongate the body. The outfit was all in neutral tones, an unintentional match for the clouded, windy day.

Very windy.

Sooo windy.

I paired the skirt with a cropped long-sleeved fitted shirt that had a black and white graphic flower-y print, and my “space” boots – they’re a shiny pewter, made of a sort of foiled leather that makes them look metallic.

The bag is also a metallic light silver – it’s the Klassik shoulder bag from Karl Lagerfeld, although I don’t use the shoulder strap.

I also wore a double-breasted coat that had an over-the-shoulders cape that, although very cute, kept banging me in the head with every turn of the wind.

And it was windy.

Did I mention it was windy?

We went to the Photo Ark exhibition that’s currently in Lisbon (up until May 5th). It’s an exhibit of photographs taken by Joel Sartore, a National Geographic’s official photographer. The purpose of this project is to inspire people to care for these creatures and prevent their extinction.

Me, eruditely studing a picture of a bird very absorbed by something between his legs.

It might be that I’m projecting, but I do think that the pictures chosen showed more “human” expressions of the species photographed.

Look at this guy. Tell me he isn’t looking down on us, with that ” What are you doing with your life” face. “Owl be judging you”.

I felt the exhibit was short. I could be looking at animals for an extra half hour. Regardless, I recommend it. It is an endearing display.

Photos by Sir Boyfriend.

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