Turkey Beauty Haul

How cool would it be if this post was about me buying anti-wrinkle masks and neck cream for turkeys?

Not very much? Okay.

No cream for you.

Like I mentioned before, when I’m travelling abroad I take the opportunity to get beauty items that are not available in my home country. This time was no different.

On my recent trip to Turkey, where I got engaged (*swoon*), we were at one of the many tea/sweets/spice shops in Istambul, trying and buying the multiple types of Turkish delight they had – soo many varieties, with different ingredients, that you’re bound to find something you like – and they had a small beauty section.

The amazing store of sweets and tea where I still managed to buy beauty products.

I got an inexpensive bottle of argan oil from a brand called Maia, which I wrongly assumed was meant for my hair and have been using like so until I came to write this post and found out it was for the body. Good to know, ’cause it wasn’t doing wonders for my hair.

Then, the rose water caught my attention. I noticed that rose was used broadly in Turkey, not just as a fragrance, but as an ingredient. Tea, shisha, Turkish delight. So I got myself a bottle from the Gulbirlik brand that I haven’t tried yet.

I feel at this moment I should point out that that was it for beauty products during my vacation. That’s proof that I’m not cosmetics obsessed. Just two little things during the whole trip.

I got the rest at the airport…

Rose Water and Argan Oil by Turkish brands.

And then, came the makeup. On our way back, while waiting at the Istambul airport before we had to leave for Lisbon, there was time to kill and aisles to roam.

I picked up another bottle of rose water from another Turkish brand, Gulsha, because it felt like a crime not to. I have used this one already as a toner but it’s too soon to tell if it’s any good.

I hadn’t gotten anything from MAC in a while until this review on Temptalia blog caught my attention, and to my disappointment this item wasn’t coming to my country. I hunted this down and it only took me a trip to Turkey. The Ignite Wonder face palette is mine, mwahaha ! I also got a mini Velvet Teddy lipstick because of reasons.

Did some more innocent browsing through the makeup counters, and found this Illuminating Powder Gelée by Estée Lauder from a collection that, again, wasn’t coming to Portugal. They had the 3 shades, and after a quick consultation with Sir Fiance, I decided to go with Heat Wave. And then! There was a bigger compact card box near the highlighters that I almost dismissed as a bronzer but my fiancé (love that word, gonna wear it out) brought it to my attention and, lo and behold, it was a palette.

I’m marrying an enabler.

The Estée Lauder products from this year’s Bronze Goddess collection. Haven’t even swatched the highlighter yet. The pattern is hypnotic. Too pretty to disturb.

A bit of internet search, and the Bronze Goddess Desert Heat eye-shadow palette joined its illuminating sister on my shopping cart, and I’m glad it did because it’s one of the best Estée Lauder products I’ve ever come across.

All in all, it made for a very fun and very expensive waiting time at the airport.

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