Kiko Tuscan Sunshine Blushes: 01 Florence Dreams and 02 Tuscan Iris (review, swatches)

Kiko is currently having a sale on their website and these blushes are 50% off. Plus, even if they get out of stock sometimes they come back – I bought the Tuscan Iris shade two months ago when the collection released and Florence Dreams (the lightest one) was sold out, and now it’s back in stock and for half price.

The Tuscan Sunshine collection made a little bit of buzz due to the gorgeous aesthetic of the whole collection. The packaging is a pink duochrome that turns more peach when the light hits it and the powder imprint is the outline of a flower. And all the blushes have this duo ombre colour feature. Fancy.

The Florence Dreams shade threw me in for a loop. It looks coral on their website but in the pan and swatched it looked like a duo of light and even lighter peach. It swatches like a really light blush – it looked too light for me, and I’m pretty pale (NC20 in MAC foundation shades, for reference), however, when blended in, the pink/coral tones became so much more obvious and bright. This was some type of sorcery. It’s not a case of the blush darkening when in contact with the skin’s oils, it’s that the pigment becomes more apparent the more you buff it in. It’s still a soft colour, ends up being more of a peachy-pink. The texture is soft and a bit dusty, though I don’t feel like that translates on the skin.

Florence Dreams blush swatches, from left to right: coral shade, light peach shade, and both blended together.
Florence Dreams blush swatches – up close.

The Tuscan Iris shade looks like a medium brown and light peach on the pan, but it’s actually a lot more orange when swatched. It’s not really a natural, neutral blush, it’s a bright orange-y colour on the cheeks. And I don’t think this works as a bronzer either – just a heads up if you’re thinking about using it for that purpose. It is a beautiful colour though. Very warm, very appropriate for summer. Not as dusty and the Florence Dreams shade, but just like it, the dustiness doesn’t translate on the skin.

Tuscan Iris blush swatches, from left to right: brown-y shade, light peach shade, and both blended together. Can you see how orange the brown part looks?
Tuscan Iris swatches up close. The shades blended together look a lot lighter in the hand swatch than on the cheeks.

Both of these blend very well. They look like they’d blend into nothing from the hand swatches, but they actually stick very well to the skin – Florence Dreams was very faded after 10 hours, but Tuscan Iris was still very visible after a 14 hour day. They have good pigmentation as well. These blushes are 9 grams of product each, and they’re currently 7,50 euros. Definitely worth it.

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