Bobbi Brown Summer Glow Collection 2020 – Bronzing Powder Duo (review, swatches)

I went ham on this year’s summer makeup collections. I actually rarely buy from Bobbi Brown, but the logical, impulse-controlling side of my brain decided to go on vacation this quarantine period and I couldn’t reach it for the life of me. So I ended up with more new makeup than I ever planned.

Anyway, what appealed to me in this collection was that I would be able to get two bronzers from Bobbi Brown’s permanent line in just one compact, and I’ve always wanted to try them. There was a time a few years back where these powders were somewhat popular in the beauty community under the umbrella of “underrated” and “not hyped enough” makeup products. Also, some of the shades in the illuminating bronzer line are more blushes than bronzers – and in these compacts you get one of each, which is great.

From left to right: Golden Light swatch, Antigua swatch

There are two duos available in this collection and I went with the lighter one, Golden Light/Antigua – and almost, almost got the other one as well, but then I forced myself to think about the amount of blushes and bronzers I had (I got an out-of-office from the impulse-controlling side of my brain and it reminded me it existed) and that made me refrain myself.

Golden Light is a matte, medium brown and part of the regular Bronzing Powder line.

Antigua is a neutral, subdued mauve colour that’s part of the Illuminating Bronzing Powder range – which appears to have more blush shades than bronzers. There is some very minimal shimmer but I wouldn’t call it “illuminating” at all.

Swatches up close. See what I mean with Antigua? Not really “illuminating”.

These are very much a traditional makeup powder. I’ve been so used to the now so popular baked gelée formula, where the powders are creamy and dense, that this feels a bit like a change. They are somewhat hard pressed, but that doesn’t make either powder harder to use. They blend really well and look very natural on the skin – not at all powdery. Both of them lasted well for eight hours and were nearly gone by the 10th hour mark.

The compact is beautiful and very substantial.

The compact contains 8 grams which I assume is equally divided by the two powders, so consider there’a about 4 grams of each shade.

Although this isn’t necessarily anything new, it is a solid product and quality won’t disappoint. It’s also a good staple for someone who is into minimal or soft makeup. Or if your into Bobbi Brown’s bronzers in general.

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