Review, Swatches | By Terry Brightening CC Palette – Sunny Flash

Is it just me or does every summer makeup collection this year has had this metallic, rose gold/millennial pink packaging? Not a complaint, just an observation. The By Terry packaging knocks it out of the park and I confess that was the main reason I felt compelled to get this palette.

This seems to be sold out in most places, but I got it after a re-stock on LookFantastic’s website, so it’s possible it’ll be made available again. The palette has a shade name, 01 – Sunny Flash, so maybe they’re planning to come out with more shades? Plus, they recently had a gift with purchase that was a compact with just the bronze shade, so maybe they might come out with these powders individually. I hope they do.

I got myself a bouquet of roses.

By Terry describes these as highlighting powders – they all do have some shine or shimmer, but I would categorize this as one highlighter (light banana shade on the top left), two blushes (light pink on the top right and brighter pink on the bottom left) and a bronzer (brown shade on the bottom right).

The highlighter is actually the weakest shade. I really don’t get it. A highlighter either has to be shimmery enough to reflect light, or pigmented enough to deposit a lighter colour on your skin to bring that section forward by making it look more illuminated. This is neither. It’s powdery, poorly pigmented, and you’re left with a few flecks of shimmer on the face that’s not enough to be a subtle highlighter but it’s too much to be an under eye setting powder.

Swatches in direct light. You can tell these are subtle powders.

The other powders are a different story. The blushes are easy to blend, with medium pigmentation – which is usually what luxury brands go for, because they tend to market themselves on the “natural look” spectrum of makeup rather than high-impact, artistic side. These are very easy to use and very hard to overdo.

The star of the show however, for me, is the bronzer shade. It has a golden undertone, an overall sheen and very small specks of shimmer. It blends like a dream, it looks so nice and smooth on the skin, and it makes me look naturally more tan and more golden. This is something I would repurchase if they sold it individually. It is a lighter shade so I’m not sure how it would work for medium to darker skintones.

Swatches without direct sunlight.

This is 2,3 grams per pan – it’s a small palette – so I think I’ll go through the bronzer pretty quickly. It was about 50 euros (for 9,2 grams total) and I got a 20% discount, so not bad for a luxury brand.

This is my first By Terry product, and let me tell you, they’re not lying about that rose scent – it’s so strong you can smell it even when the compact is closed. It does fade with time, so if you’re worried about it just leave the compact open for a few hours and that should help make the scent fainter.

Here’s a side by side comparison with the Guerlain Météorites Highlighter palette.

Overall, I don’t think this is anything mind blowing, so no worries if you were not able to get it – the blushes, though nice, are easily duped. The fact that the bronzer shade was included as a gift with purchase a few weeks back in LookFantastic’s website makes me hopeful they’ll release bronzer shades individually in this formula, and that’s something I’d be totally into – and totally recommend.

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