Dark Flowers – a floral dress for the end of summer

We had no summer this year. Climate change is here to stay. There was sun, sometimes, but there was no heat. I’m used to 28º Celsius and up during Summer’s 3 months, and we had about two weeks of that.

I’m already missing something I haven’t had, so you can understand the dark mood.

Reliable bucket bag almost always with me. Great investment.

Floral prints are a big trend this fall, but with a darker, muted twist. The trick is not to be too light and girly – think more grunge, less pop.

Cut-out detail. Excuse the tummy, we had just come from our wedding cake tasting. Chocolate.

This is a very flowy dress that’s tighter right under the bust area, where the criss-cross cut out is.

There’s a really big plunge in the back, and there’s a black cord at the top that ties the straps to each other so they don’t constantly slide off your shoulder.

I pair them with some dark gray suede boots, to add to the muted look. I was still pretending is was a hot day so I wore no coat, but a biker or leather jacket would look really good.

Gray suede boots.

Photos by Sir Fiance.

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