Sweet Chef Ginger + Vitamin C Fresh Pressed Sheet Mask – review

With this year’s pandemic that made it so that I can barely leave the house, makeup only gets dusted off for poorly lit zoom calls and clothes get neglected for near-rag pyjamas, so at what other thing can I throw my money to cloud and numb the cold, harsh reality with frivolous consumerism? Skincare.

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ASOS 24 day Face and Body Advent Calendar 2020

I started my Christmas shopping really early this year. Seriously. I was sooo ahead with gifts for myself. Still, I didn’t manage to snatch this up the first time it showed up (it was September! my bikini was still wet!!). I had to wait for a restock.

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LookFantastic 2020 Beauty Chest – better than any beauty advent calendar

I don’t need excuses to buy beauty products, but it’s nice to have them. I’m new to the beauty advent calendar mania (I know, it’s surprising, but they didn’t use to come by easily in Portugal), so this year I’ve been paying more attention. I was already down for the LookFantastic Advent Calendar when this thing dropped – 11 full size products for 85 pounds. Yes, want, mine.

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Skincare Empties – Tried, tested… but trusted?

A retrospective analysis of skincare products I used up over the past few months: some staples, some discontinued treasures, and a few bad choices. And whether or not I will/can repurchase.

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No one talks about… Clarins Mineral Sun Care Compact for Face SPF30 (review, swatches)

No one talks about…” is a series of makeup reviews of products that have very few to no reviews online (reviews on online stores are not accounted for). This is so that if you’re searching for a bit more information before biting the bullet, you’ll at least have these swatches, photos, and my humble opinion :).

I’m a weak woman. There was a 3 for 2 offer on suncare products on a Portuguese beauty website, and I caved and got myself two self tanner products, and this compact to make the 3 for 2. Even though I knew nothing about the compact and don’t really use self tanner.

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SkinCeuticals review: Clariflying Clay Masque, Gentle Cleanser and C E Ferulic Serum

SkinCeuticals is a brand that markets itself as “advanced skincare backed by science”. They divide their range in three major categories: Prevent, Protect and Correct. They’re a very clinical, no fluff no fuss brand, that doesn’t claim miracles and takes packaging into consideration to best preserve the active ingredients of their line – in this sense it reminds me of The Ordinary. In the price sense, it doesn’t. They ain’t cheap.

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Turkey Beauty Haul

How cool would it be if this post was about me buying anti-wrinkle masks and neck cream for turkeys?

Not very much? Okay.

No cream for you.

Like I mentioned before, when I’m travelling abroad I take the opportunity to get beauty items that are not available in my home country. This time was no different.

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Unexpected and Useful Makeup & Beauty Websites

I love the multitude of beauty bloggers and youtubers that fill the internet with reviews and tutorials, but this post isn’t about them. That would be a never-ending list. This is a more finite type of post that showcases pages and websites that answer those questions you don’t remember to ask but have always been curious to know. Beyond opinions and “How to apply ___” magazine articles.

Most of them have a more science-y side of beauty and cosmetics (I’m a geek). Here they are, by category:

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The brand, the products, the controversy: The Ordinary

The Ordinary -the brand that hasn’t stopped making headlines since it launched. The Ordinary is a sub-brand of Deciem, a company that houses ten different brands, all launched at the same time in 2013. Its tagline isn’t “The Abnormal Beauty Company” for nothing.

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