Cult Beauty Self Care Goody Bag: Unboxing & Opinions

It finally got here!

In order to get the Cult Beauty Self Care goody bag I purchased the RIKI Skinny mirror (review coming soon). I have been lusting for a good makeup mirror that would mimic natural lighting and allow me to do my makeup well even at night, but those things are expensive. At £175, it was the perfect time to get it, because the Cult Beauty Goody Bag required a minimum spending of £170.

Here are my thoughts and opinions about the goody bag.

A lot of the serums/creams, for size comparison.

Being that I haven’t had these products for that long, and that some of them are only good for 4 to 5 uses, this won’t be an in depth review of each item, but I can give my first impressions of the products I have tried.

The NatureLab TOKYO Perfect Shine Clarifying Scalp Scrub was surprisingly nice. It’s a grainy paste that lathers a lot and really strips all the oil off of your hair. I had to apply conditioner near the roots after using it (I never do that, the roots are always oilier) and my hair was fine, but if yours is on the dry side I do advise caution with this.

The Briogeo hair oil is good for 4-5 uses on long hair, so it’s a not so bad trial size. It gave shine to my hair and helped control the frizz, but it’s a fine line between looking shiny and looking oily, so again, beware. I would say use less than typical, because it’s a heavy oil.

The REN Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Milk is very thick. It’s one of those that leaves a thin film of residue on your face after you use it. I’m not a fan of that, I had to use another cleanser afterwards to make sure everything was removed. Maybe someone with extremely dry skin would enjoy it. It’s also quite fragrant, so sensitive skin types, beware.

I feel like I’m cautioning against every product in here. Don’t worry, the next set of products are either harmless or not effective enough for you to need to be careful with them.

The Augustinus Bader (I always have to triple check how that name is written, can’t seem to accept that there are that many “u”s in it) face oil is also good for 4-5 uses. This sample size vial has the thinnest and most delicate dropper I’ve ever seen. Being that this 2.2ml size is worth £13.2, I see now why this is so expensive. Needle thin droppers. Anyway, this face oil is very heavy. I used 5 drops on my face, like I do with any serum, and the vial is still about 80% full. It did not completely dry down on me – I could still feel my face being slightly sticky, which I’m not a fan of. It did made my face smooth, but not £137-for-a-full-size smooth.

The Cult Beauty face cloth is not bad. One side is that fluffier, microfiber material, the other is just plain cloth. I would rather have it both sides fluffy, but ok. The Sarah Chapman Facialist tool – now here’s a gimmick. It won’t do anything to benefit skin, but I guess it is the face equivalent of those head scratchers. Sir Fiancé found it relaxing, at least. I didn’t. The point is, don’t spend too much money on something like this.

Or do, what’s it to me. I don’t know your life.

The Healist CBD drops taste really bad. It says “peppermint” flavour – pff. If I try hard enough I think I can faintly taste the peppermint amidst the wood treatment oil flavour, but claiming that’s “peppermint flavoured” is the equivalent of me claiming I’m a millionaire after finding 5 euros on the sidewalk. Peppermint my a**. I also didn’t feel like the CBD drops did anything. I did not sleep better, nor did I feel I a decrease in grogginess the morning after – my ability to clearly discern bullsh*t from facts has been just as good as ever.

I’m extra salty today. B*tch, calm down.

What does taste good are the vitamin gummies. There were only 6, not enough for me to notice a difference in my skin, but enough to make me realize that this is the future and I’m so late to it I’m embarrassed. Why was I still taking vitamins in the hard-to-swallow pill format? It’s like still choosing to use Internet Explorer after Google Chrome came out. It’s a candy that is healthy- where the hell have I been? Gummies only from now on.

Last but not least, I tried the Spacemask. This is an eye mask to help you relax – it’s not a wet mask, it’s not a skincare treatment, it’s like a plain sleep mask. It contains iron powder in the lining, so when this gets taken out of the packet and exposed to air, the iron powder reacts and starts to heat up. It’s a comfortable heat, and because it’s on top of the eyes, it really mimics that feeling of warm eyes when you’re sleepy. This actually was effective. I’m considering purchasing more.

I know the pictures are bad, ok? Lighting was very bad, it was a very gray day today. Which probably explains my sour mood.

Self care is the right name for this goody bag. Even though half of this is gimmicky and I personally would never spend the money on the full size products, they were certainly fun to try.

13 thoughts on “Cult Beauty Self Care Goody Bag: Unboxing & Opinions

  1. Hahaha love how honest this is! And tbf most of your ‘these are nice, but I don’t really see the need for them or wouldn’t buy them’ is why I stopped getting beauty subscription boxes!

    Katie |

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    1. Totally get that. I can see one getting “over-beauty-boxed”- I’m not there yet but I’ve started to display the first symptom, where I get more excited about the colorful cardboard box than the content!


  2. There are so many beauty boxes out there, sometimes it can get a little confusing to choose. I tend to gravitate towards beauty boxes with full size products, including at least one product that I have already tried and love and another one that I’m keen on trying. In your case, if you got this box for free with the makeup mirror, you got a pretty good deal!

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    1. Oh, I agree. Specially because we see the same exact things in beauty subscriptions and advent calendars later on. It’s a matter of checking if the value is there and if it’s worth it for me. Thank you!

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