Holiday Makeup Haul | MAC, Dior, Tarte, Krash Kosmetics, Pat McGrath, Revolution

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, boxing day, and generally because I’ve been a very good girl – to myself, mostly – these are the reasons I have a decently sized holiday makeup haul to share.

Starting with MAC, their Spanish website (that fortunately ships to Portugal) had a major deal during Black Friday week. For any 3 products, they would offer another 3 full sized products. Three. Full sized. For free. So I took the chance to get the other three Shadeshifter Duochrome eyeshadows from their Holiday Collection I wanted. I already have Right Before Your Eyes, so I got Prrrplexing, Calling Your Bluff and Ho Ho Hocus, and with that I got for free the Double Gleam Extra Dimension Skinfinish and two Powder Kiss Lipsticks in the shade Shocking Revelation. I chose another Extra Dimension Skinfinish but they must have ran out of it, I’m guessing, and that’s why they sent me two of the same lipsticks. Oh well, now I have a Shocking Revelation to gift.

And I wasn’t satisfied with that so I made another order, where I got two eyeshadow pans from their permanent line (Print and Sable) and their Mother’s Day kit (called Gracias, Mamá) that comes with a pink pouch that contains a Powder Kiss Lipstick in Sultry Move, a 168S angled cheek brush, and their Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Petallic Metallic, which is going to be re-released in their spring collection and this way I can review it in time for that launch. And with that purchase I got three more lipsticks: a Powder Kiss in Werk Werk Werk, and two Love Me Liquid Lipcolours in Deify Me and Bated Breath. Plus a bunch of samples.

From, I took advantage of the extra 10% discount they had during Christmas and got the Revolution Tasty Avocado palette, which apparently is one of the best items from the brand ever.

I also picked up some items from Krash Kosmetics, a Spanish cosmetics indie brand that has caught my attention with their irreverent colours and shade names. I got a 25-pan empty palette and three eyeshadows with three different finishes: Cuernos challenge, a green pressed glitter, Me gusta más tu hermanx, a matte yellow, and Solo fue un pico, a shimmer burgundy-purple. I also got one of their Khamaleon Duochrome Pressed Pigments, that actually have an almost putty texture (very similar to Colour Pop Super Shock Shadows) in the shade Detallito, and I would say it’s more of a multichrome with a strong shift from green to purple. I’ll be making a dedicated post to Krash Kosmetics, they deserve it.

Pat McGrath also had another sale and I took the chance to get her Holiday Collection highlighter, the Sublime Skin Highlighter in Lunar Nude. I’m super excited for this one: it’s pretty, it’s Pat, it’s powder gelée. It’s being praised all over the beauty community, so the expectations are sky high with this one, and I’m either on the stairway to heaven our the highway to the hell of disappointed. I’ll be taking you on the ride with me since I’ll be reviewing it.

For boxing Day, Sephora had a 25% off sale for purchases over a certain value and I got some products I’ve been seeing getting rave reviews on Youtube: the Dior Backstage Face Brush and the Face & Body Powder-No-Powder. I also finally got the Tarte Shape Tape concealer; I know, I came 5 years too late to the trend, but whatever, I needed to get something else to qualify for the 25% off discount. So it was basically for free. Boom, rationalization served.

I have my hands full with future reviews.

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