Review, Swatches | Roén Beauty Disco Eye & 75º Warm Eyeshadow Palette

It’s not easy to come up with something no one has done before. I’ve been a makeup fiend for 14 years, I’ve seen just about everything, so finding a new product that’s so different I can’t figure out where to put it in my storage (along with the glitters? eyeshadows? cream bases?) and actually performs well is something to be purchased until I exhaust the entire line celebrated.

Let me introduce you to Roén Beauty and their “glitter for grown-ups”.

This review is a little bit overdue. I have two products from Roén, the Disco Eye eyeshadow topper and the 75º Warm palette. I bought the first a year and a half ago, and it was what made me fall in love with the brand, so late last year I tried the palette in hopes that all four shades where just like Disco Eye. Turns out they are different, and I think each warrants a separate review.

Roén Disco Eye Review

Disco Eye is foiled glitter. Not foiled like the intensely metallic eyeshadows we know and are used to, foiled like specks of aluminium foil. It looks like shattered pieces of mother of pearl. I have never seen anything like this. This thing is so different that it is hard to describe.

Touching the pan with a finger, it feels almost like a dried out paste, but by pressing harder on it you can feel they is an oily base to the product. I know what I’m describing does not sound sexy at all, but trust me, it works and it works well: the oily base allows you to pick product from the pan and apply it to the lid without too much dragging or pulling, but the drier consistency of the paste itself allows for the product to remain in flake form instead of spread out thin and just looking like a regular cream eyeshadow. The texture is not gritty or heavy at all, and I don’t think it will irritate sensitive or contact-lenses-wearing eyes.

Roén Disco Eye swatches over bare skin and a black eyeshadow base.

Application wise, it has to be with a finger. I didn’t even try with a brush because you need a bit of pressure to pick up product from the pan and onto the eyelid. Pressure aside, it’s easy to apply and build up. And after applied, it does not move. It lasts for as long as you want it to, without creasing, fading or migrating.

Honestly, I was intrigued, but I expected to be disappointed. I thought this was overpromising, so inevitably it would under deliver. Never was I so happy to not have my expectations met. I was expecting some faults, but there’s not really anything to forgive: I was expecting fallout, had none; I was expecting migration and creasing, but it stays put until I remove it. Luckily for my wallet, they only make 2 colours of this product, and the other shade (Summer Disco Eye) is too similar to about 5 shimmery cream bases I already have (even though this formula is quite unique).

The compact looks metallic, but it’s actually plastic. It’s very lightweight, even though it has a little mirror, and it comes with 1,63 grams of product.

Roén 75º Warm Palette Review

Being that I had such a nice experience with Disco Eye, I got excited to try one of their palettes. 75º Warm has 4 shades and none is quite like the single I own. The shades are the following, clockwise starting from the top left:

  • Obviously: a light gold shimmery eyeshadow. This is the closest to the single eyeshadow, because it looks like gold shimmer packed over a transparent base, although not as flaky and foiled as Disco Eye.
  • Nikki Dust: a light, rosy taupe with white shimmer particles
  • Facetime: a cool toned brown with gold shimmer.
  • J’adore: a terracotta orange shade with gold shimmer.

All shades are incredibly shimmer packed, and the swatches below don’t do them justice. It was really tricky trying to get a photo that could show the intensity of the shimmer, and in the end I wasn’t successful.

Texture wise, these felt more like traditional cream eyeshadows. Not super creamy but not hard to pick up with a finger either. I can see a brush working reasonably well with these textures (although I’ve always used my fingers). Because of the intense shimmer you can feel a bit of grittiness on the pan, but when applied to the eyes they don’t feel gritty or heavy – or oily, for that matter.

They build up nicely, but the more you apply the sooner they’ll crease. For a cream eyeshadow, they have a reasonable longevity when used by themselves, because I’ve noticed a bit of fading and creasing by the 8 hour mark with most shades – only Obviously seems to hold up a bit better. Over primer, or worn together with powder eyeshadow, they last a lot longer, and there’s virtually no fading, but there is still creasing after 10 hours.

It’s a nice palette, a quick and easy way to have a sparkly eye that is still sophisticated and comfortable to wear on those lazy days. But it’s not as special or unique as the single eyeshadow.

This palette comes in a white velvet pouch, and packaging is much like Disco Eye: light, plasticky, with a mirror inside. There is 4,2 grams in total, so about 1,05g for each shade.

Final Thoughts

Roén Beauty was a hit for me. They still have a relatively small line, and seem to focus a lot on shiny and glittery finishes – which makes sense, because that’s where they shine. I like both products, and they both perform well, but Disco Eye knocks it out of the park. The eyeshadow palette is a good shimmery cream palette, but that’s just what it is. Not particularly innovative, but good, and if you like the shades and think you’ll enjoy it, I don’t think it disappoints.

Disco Eye is something I challenge you to tell me you’ve found before. The mother-of-pearl shine, the flaky texture, the longevity – it’s a perfect version of whatever it’s supposed to be. Beautiful, practical, reliable. In case I wasn’t clear yet, I highly recommend it.

One thought on “Review, Swatches | Roén Beauty Disco Eye & 75º Warm Eyeshadow Palette

  1. This is a new brand for me. I love the shades in this palette, very much the kind of hues I usually go for and I agree with you the Disco Eye looks so unique! I’ve never seen an effect like this in an eyeshadow before. Thank you so much for sharing!


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