Review, Swatches | KIKO Happy B-Day, Bellezza! Colour Shock Eyeshadows in 02 Energetic Copper and 04 Stylish Taupe

I have yet to make a post about discontinued holy grail makeup products (I haven’t been able yet to overcome my rage when thinking about them), but one that would certainly make the list would be the defunct KIKO Colour Shock Long Lasting eyeshadows. My favourite shade was 03 Golden Earth, the best cream eyeshadow I’ve ever tried.

And now KIKO is re-releasing Colour Shock eyeshadows as part of the limited edition collection that celebrates their 25th birthday, with four new shades. I bought two, I tried them both, and this is the post.

The two shades I got were 02 Energetic Copper, which is a metallic, highly reflective, rosy blush colour, and 04 Stylish Taupe, which is a very warm, copper-leaning gold. Yes, the pink is called “Energetic Copper”, and the copper is called “Stylish Taupe”. Seems like Kiko left a colour-blind intern in charge of the labelling.

KIKO’s Colour Shock shadows have a very whipped texture, so it’s easy to pick up product, and it’s easy to spread it out on the lid. I typically use my fingers, but a brush would work as well. They are very pigmented, you can get full opacity with a simple swipe, but they are also buildable in case you want the colour to be more intense. I swatched them both ways so you can see the difference and how intense you can get them to be.

A little dot of product is enough for both eyes, so it’s easy to use too much and waste product with these cream eyeshadows. But regardless of what amount you end up using, that doesn’t make them crease any faster. In fact, once they dry down, they’re like a tattoo. Without the commitment. As long as you have a good eye makeup remover. If not… I’ll send a prayer for your red, raw eyelids.

Seriously, once this sets, it does. not. move. No need to wear primer, or use it in conjunction with powder eyeshadows to make it last longer. No creasing, no migrating, nothing. Maybe the shine fades slightly after 10 hours – hard to tell, because after 10 hours, lighting conditions are not the same – but pigmentation stays put.

By the way, I’m not making a distinction in performance for each shade because both behaved exactly the same. The only difference I’ve noticed is that Energetic Copper (the pink) is slightly easier to remove.

These shadows come in a glass jar with a plastic cap and a white lid on the inside that I urge you to keep because it prevents them from drying out. Each shade comes with 5ml of product.

Performance wise, KIKO’s Colour Shock eyeshadows remain as good as when I first tried them, and I’m really happy about that. I just wish KIKO would’ve released more colourful and/or complex shades. Golden Earth was a dirty gold with multicoloured shimmer, and I loved it so much because there was nothing else quite like it. There are two more shades in this collection, but I’ve seen swatches and they are a shimmery champagne and a neutral brown – so pretty natural colours that I don’t need and don’t excite me. Apart from that, these are top notch.

10 out of 10. Totally recommend it.

One thought on “Review, Swatches | KIKO Happy B-Day, Bellezza! Colour Shock Eyeshadows in 02 Energetic Copper and 04 Stylish Taupe

  1. Wow, these cream eyeshadows sound so good! I’m a big fan of cream metallic eyeshadows and I love these shades. I can’t wait to go to the Kiko shop (there’s one 10 minutes walk from my place) to check if these are available, otherwise I’ll try to get them online.


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