Review, Swatches | SUQQU 102 Blush Palette & Tone Touch Eyeshadow in 109 Youshizuku

I haven’t talked about blushes in the last three posts. That’s too long for me. So long that I needed to comeback with a blush palette, not just a single blush.

Seriously, I don’t have a problem.

This isn’t a cry for help.

Oh, and there is an eyeshadow in this review too. Came in the same kit as the palette.

These two products are my first venture with the SUQQU colour cosmetics line. I’ve known about the brand for a long time but there haven’t been many reviews on it. The face palette, with 3 blushes and 3 highlighters, seemed like the perfect place to start.

There are no individual shade names in this face palette, so I’ll describe the shades from left to right, starting with the top row:

  • first shade is a light terracotta blush;
  • second shade is a light, yellow-gold highlighter;
  • third shade is a mid tone plum/mauve blush;
  • forth shade is a dark, almost bronzy champagne highlighter;
  • fifth shade is a mid tone, rosy-red blush;
  • last shade is a rosy-nude, mid toned highlighter.

Below are the swatches under different lighting conditions. All of the blush swatches were built up so that the colour would become more obvious.

The three blushes all behave very much the same: they have a satin finish, are a bit translucent, and they are soft and almost creamy to the touch, but at the same time very firmly pressed in the pan, which means you won’t pick up too much colour at all with your brush. To me this is a good thing because the colours look very strong and intimidating – however, what you get on the cheeks is a very soft, very natural version of each shade. Incredibly easy to pull off. Building up the colour is very much possible (in case you have a darker skintone), the blushes are easy to blend into the skin and they last all day. Like, until I want to take them off. 10+ hours.

The highlighters are very similar to each other performance wise, but very different from the blushes when it comes to texture. They are creamier, more loosely pressed, and you pick up a lot more product at one time with these formulas. The finish is nearly metallic, with micro shimmer scattered throughout the powders. Again, I had no issue with blending or longevity – they performed just as well as the blushes. On my skintone, the darker highlighter is very difficult to pull off – I either have to use a very light hand, or use it just on top of bronzer (on the temples, for example).

The kit that I bought came with a single eyeshadow, in the shade 109 Youshizuku, and what a nice surprise it was. I wasn’t expecting to like it so much. It’s a beige-peachy-pink base colour with a lot of really bright micro sparkles. It’s lovely, and when applied on the eyes it almost makes the lid look wet. It’s a sophisticated way to use “glitter”, and I add the quotes to glitter because it’s not quite that – the sparkle is smaller, not gritty at all, and it has no fallout. The sparkle is part of the shade, instead of just sitting on top of it. The pigment payoff is not super intense, but I think SUQQU’s makeup is more about subtlety and washes of colour instead of full impact.

I used this eyeshadow over primer, and it did not crease, but I noticed some fading at the end of the day (after the 8 hour mark).

The palette contains 16,5g of product, and if the amount is equally distributed among the pans than each shade has 2,75g, so a little bit less than half a full size blush (it’s usually 6 grams). The eyeshadow contains 1,5 grams, pretty much in line with a typical full sized single shadow.

I’m under the impression that both these items might have been limited edition. SUQQU lanches a pre-holiday collection every year and they have come out with a blush palette in those collections for the past three years – 102 came out in 2020. But, I bought mine earlier this year from CultBeauty, in a set that was called The Cult Duo Anniversary kit. Same goes for the eyeshadow – I think it came out or was repromoted in 2021 in a limited edition collection, and then again in this kit.

If these are no longer available, I apologise. Maybe the review will serve as a reference point for the blushes and eyeshadows currently available from their permanent line. But if you ever find the kit, I recommend it if you enjoy subtle, safe, and easy to use makeup.

2 thoughts on “Review, Swatches | SUQQU 102 Blush Palette & Tone Touch Eyeshadow in 109 Youshizuku

  1. I really like this palette! I think it makes the perfect kit to keep in the handbag to create a natural-looking makeup look on the go. Also great to take on holidays. The eye-shadow is lovely too. I didn’t know this brand, thank you so much for sharing!

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    1. And the face palette would work well has an eyeshadow palette for subtle looks, now that I think of it. I need to start thinking about my palettes in a more multi-purpose way. Thank you for your comment!

      Liked by 1 person

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