New Bags on the Block: Ralph Lauren, Kenzo & Ganni

Did you get through sale season unscathed? If you did, lie to me. Hide the high horse if you’re a role model of self control. ‘Cause I’m not. Neigh, I’m not.

It wasn’t just makeup that I caved in to, oh no. If someone was to make a chart about my bag purchase rate over the past year, it would be a consistent line until about two months ago, where it would grow more exponentially than the coronavirus crash to zero because I would start running with all my new bags under my arms before they could start counting them.

Look at how I arranged these bags. Pretty composition. Profesh. Can I have my fashion blogger card now?

Alas, let us not cry over spilled bags and let me show you the new kids:

Ralph Lauren Mini Dryden Debby II bag

First up, meet Debby, the second. The bag has a fancier name than me. She’s preppy. She’s upper class. Also, she’s the cheapest of this post.

I have another bag from Ralph Lauren (pictured here and here) and it has served me well. I really like the quality, and it has maintained its structure well over time. When it comes to that, the mini Debby is no different. Sturdy leather, well constructed, and the colour is this beautiful eggplant/burgundy.

However, I have mixed feelings. Mea culpa, because I ordered it online and, when it arrived, I was kind of disappointed: the strap is too thin for my liking. It’s a small bucket. For buckets that size, I actually think it’s preferable to be a hand bang than a shoulder one. I don’t like small bags on the shoulder or cross body, it doesn’t feel proportionate to me. I’ve worn it already and it’s ok, but I might take it to the saddler (he knows how to work leather) and shorten the strap to make this a handbag in the future.

Kenzo Kalifornia bag

If Debby was preppy, the next bag is the urban kid. Kalifornia. With a K. I feel that this bag from Kenzo is trying to be edgy with its zipper placements, but it still has a very structured and classic design. It’s a bag that kould be doing graffiti in LA, but still goes to mani-pedis while drinking a kale smoothie.

I have been stalking this bag for over a year – and it finally got to a price that made it justifiable for me. The material is Gomatto leather, which is a rubberized leather that makes it, supposedly, waterproof. It also makes it a magnet of dust. It’s the Pokemon of fingerprints: gotta catch them all.

I was in need of a black bag, though. I only had the little barrel bag. And black is a very versatile colour. This bag is actually very roomy. The silver hardware gives it a biker look, in my opinion. It also comes with a shoulder strap that I quickly put away because I like it much better this way.

Ganni bucket bag

She doesn’t have a name, and she doesn’t need to. My favourite of the three. Don’t tell the other kids.

This might be my favourite bag ever. It’s quirky, it’s versatile, it’s of good quality, it makes a statement. It is the irrevocably dangerous proof that impulse buys can work out great. Goddammit. There isn’t a good lesson at the end of this post, people. Just downhill from here.

This was probably my most expensive bag so far (see? told you it was downhill) but I don’t regret it a bit. The inside is lavender. I mean, what more could you ask for?

This beauty is made from different coloured leather panels, and a leather handle with a faux tortoise clasp. The colours are all neutral: silver in the front, black and camel brown on the sides, and an off-white on the back. It has a detachable brand tag – that I actually did detach, because I think it looks more classic without it.

This is like the safest way to be more risky with the handbag choice.

What can I say? Were these must have purchases? Did I really need to have them?

Yes and yes. Nonsense questions.

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