Strike With a Red-ly Weapon

You know what catches people’s attention? Right now, coughing in public. That and a tight red leather skirt.

I’m glad I had some photos stocked up for outfit posts, ’cause there might not be new ones for a while. Here in Portugal right now we are strongly advised not to leave the house, due to the coronavirus. I’ll be working from home for the whole next week, at least.

I’m sick of hearing/talking/reading about the damn thing. We need a news detox. So let’s talk clothes.

I got this leather Nina skirt from Melampo, in red, this past fall and haven’t had many chances to wear it. A tight leather skirt can be tricky to style. The oversized plaid shirt I wore as a light jacket helped to give the outfit an overall more casual look.

Speaking of keeping it casual, I also decided to go for a backpack. Yes, a backpack. Me, queen of pretty over practical, with a sneaker-intolerant athleisure-phobia, went for a backpack this time.

I feel like I need to explain myself. You can change the straps of this bag and wear it cross-body, as a shoulder bag or even as a handbag with that smaller handle on top – witch is actually my preferred way. This day was the first where I wore it as a backpack and it’s because I felt the outfit called for something less formal. I was already wearing glitter on my feet.

The shoes (OMG the shoes) are a dark blue, with heels coated with blue fur and glitter panels on either side of the ties. They are from Eureka, a Portuguese brand that closed down the beginning of this year. Goddamn, another one.

Hey, I’m doing my part to keep them in business. It just takes more than one shoe-obsessed girl.

The bag is also from a Portuguese brand, actually, that’s been in business for 35 years: Cavalinho (means little horse). They’re known for their very resistant canvas, that makes up for most of the bag – only the handle and the red clasp detail is in leather.

The blue tank top I’m wearing underneath all the layers has a flower embroidery, and because I’m me and I’m always cold, I couldn’t leave the house without a big winter coat – and I opted for this oversized, off-white one, with a masculine cut and a puff around the cuff.

Lots of leg showing. I’m getting old for this.

Photos by Sir Fiancé.

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